when it rained, it poured

Posted by hemlock on 27 January 2005

i've been a rather bad contributer at pak positive specials.
perhaps one of the reasons for that is simply the fact that i have yet to contribute.
a single post.
to date.

so how about we chat ova a cuppa? *passes you some scones*.
the weather was great today. and i mean amazing.
lahore had it's first hailstorm. in years.
and man it rocked.
needless to say, i was in school when it rained, and im still in school, four hours later, soaked to the bone. (school is actually a university, but im in denial about growing as old as im growing... forgive me my eccentricities)

unfortunately, lahore's weather hasnt been much to write home about. it's determined not by the seasons, or the months, but by the time of the day. at least in winters. or january. or which ever comes first.

we missed winters thys year. almost. the crack of winters fell mid january. december went by most innocuously, with the sun beating down rather seriously over our heads in the afternoons. the fog didnt even come.

i remember the fog in 2001. dense. and beautiful. and lots of it. and everywhere.
lahore was wrapped in fog throughout december, and life didnt bet any better. those were the days.
nowadays, when i'm driving to school in the mornings, around 7ish, i can actually see the cars all of 20 feet ahead of me. *sigh*

but coming back to today. so it rained like mad, and then there was the hailstorm.
lahore was washed clean, the greens went brighter, the wind got dangerous, ice cream prices went up; and i fell in love with my city all over again.

today was the perfect day for pakoras, with a few samosas thrown in for good measure. and some laughs and memories. and maybe a long drive along the canal, with the trees precariously swaying overhead, too close for comfort.

but all i got was a pair of wet stinky shoes that imna be holding in my hands as someone takes me home.
my car doesnt like getting wet.


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