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Posted by Deevaan on 10 January 2005

cable tv is fantastic...especially if you have grown old watching ptv programs from its golden years...while it is sad that ptv does not relive/replay its archives for the benefit of viewers, some private channels have been playing them...i am watching this new punjabi channel called channel "g" and they are playing a ghulam farid kafi by pathanay khan (pk) which seems to have been recorded just before his death...and despite his old age, pk is able to carry the tune simply by immersing himself in the sufi trance the only way pk can...for those who have watched him probably can relate to this...five minutes of pure heavan and the channel cuts for a commercial break and what i hear is miami sound machine and a montage of images and then gabbar singh who is supposed to be the channel "g" mascot of sorts...all done in such poor taste it makes perfect sense that this channel has chosen an appropriate letter from the the alphabet to name themselves

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