The simple pleasures

Posted by JNS on 27 January 2005

I'’ve thought long and hard about what makes Pakistan so inimitable for me.
God they say, is in the details and I realized that it was precisely in these details that we bare our soul, and its here that our endearing quirks and idiosyncrasies shine forth.
Hopefully, over the course of a ‘specials’ I'll talk about some of these nuanced traits, that make us who we are-for the worse, but mostly for the better, to turn a cliche around.

Accustomed as one gets to riding the sub-subterranean wells of cities far and wide, what has always made me long for home, is a certain vibrancy that we have to us-that so miss on these journeys. Its hard to imagine a scene back home where the faces could ever be so determinedly cast in alabaster, so bereft of feeling so absent of humanity.
Cuss as we do our incorrigible habit of being over-interested, its these small pleasures that one learns to value, to appreciate.
The crowd that gathers on every sidewalk for events utterly unimportant. The urchin who smiles despite it all.
The life that throbs through the multitude.
Its teeming, its dirty, but its alive-and its utterly human.
And that is why its home, one like no other..


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Ramla A. said: Ramla A.'s Website
A belated welcome to JNS the co-blogger... and an evergreen welcome to JNS's sweet thoughts.
PakPositive said: -
Ah, simplicity.. bring it on... please give a photo finish welcome to JNS, Ladies and gentlemen :)

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