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Language of the Ancient Indus Civilization Discovered

The language of one of the most mysterious civilizations – The Indus Valley Civilization – is reported to have been discovered by a team of University of Washington in Seattle and the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai. The Indus civilization flourished in isolation 4,500 years ago along the border of what is now [...]

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Pakistan Study Reveals Heaviest Snow in a Thousand Years

A study published today (27 April) in Nature says the region received more snow in the past century than at any other point during the past thousand years. Oxygen locked away inside ancient trees shows that human activities have resulted in a dramatic increase in snowfall in northern Pakistan, say researchers. A senior Pakistani geologist [...]

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9,000 Year Old Dentistry Evidence Found in Pakistan

Researchers were impressed by how advanced the society was in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province. Primitive dentists drilled nearly perfect holes into live but undoubtedly unhappy patients between 5500 B.C. and 7000 B.C., an article in Thursday’s issue of the journal Nature reports. Researchers carbon-dated at least nine skulls with 11 drill holes found in a Pakistan [...]

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Lahore Khussa – The Great Mughal Footwear

The Moguls’ embellishment of the Lahori Khussa made it into a trend for the ordinary as well as the privileged and the Khussa of Heera Mandi became an important part of the subcontinent’s culture. Lahore’s traditional embroidered shoe, the Khussa, is a specialty of Heera Mandi – a bazaar of great historical and cultural significance. [...]

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Karachi Remembers Mirza Ghalib, the Great Urdu Poet

Today it seems very easy to talk about the social and political resistance and showing courage against the traditions and traditional outdated thoughts. The city literary circles are observing 137th death anniversary of Great Urdu Poet Mirza Ghalib who had the gift of the gab in giving a total creative tour of Urdu poetry that [...]

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Revisiting Karachi’s PIB Colony and Days Gone By

It is also said that the PIB Colony is the only locality in the metropolis that has a legally notified bus stop. The old residents of the area said that 30 to 35 years ago there used to a big market of old books near the bus stop frequented by avid readers o the city. [...]

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Ancient Archeology Relics at Peshawar Museum

Built in 1998, the Sir Shahibzada Abdul Qayyum Khan Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology showcases artefacts dating back to 45,000 BC. Another gallery displays excavations from Harrapa, representing the lifestyle of the Indus civilisation in two distinct periods, Harrapa and mature Harrapa. Next on display is the Gandhara civilisation. One of the galleries displays the [...]

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Rediscovering Taxila – The Hidden Pakistani Attraction

Even if you are well traveled and widely read, you probably didn’t know about this remarkable small city in Pakistan with its glorious history. After all, Pakistan is not given much publicity in the West as a great tourist destination. But Taxila is also one of the most famous archaeological sites in the world — [...]

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Ancient Pakistan Mountain Community Celebrates Winter Festival

The Kalash will spend the next three months in virtual hibernation due to the harsh winter in the valleys. The festival is used as an opportunity to welcome the tough season. The traditional winter festival opened on Monday in the three Kalash valleys of Bumburate, Birir and Rumboor in the south of Chitral district. The [...]

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PIA Becomes Part of Aviation History with Boeing

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has created world commercial aviation history by flying newly-manufactured Boeing 777 LR (Long Range) — the first airline in the world to fly it from Hong Kong to Heathrow — the wrong way around the globe. Along with five Boeing pilots, Commander Asif Reza, senior vice president flight operations PIA, was [...]

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