Lahore Khussa – The Great Mughal Footwear

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The Moguls’ embellishment of the Lahori Khussa made it into a trend for the ordinary as well as the privileged and the Khussa of Heera Mandi became an important part of the subcontinent’s culture. Lahore’s traditional embroidered shoe, the Khussa, is a specialty of Heera Mandi – a bazaar of great historical and cultural significance. During the Mogul era and for a while after it, prostitutes of the city were believed to be teachers of culture and tradition and influential families used to send their children to them for grooming. Fashion in those times was a blend of the trends and what suited the individual. He said the pointed Khussa, the slipper and the Kandhay Wala Khussa were popular varieties in the bazaar. The Khussas of Heera Mandi were costly and prices at his shop ranged from Rs 200 to Rs 300.