Ancient Archeology Relics at Peshawar Museum

via www.dailytimes.com.pk

Built in 1998, the Sir Shahibzada Abdul Qayyum Khan Museum of Archaeology and Ethnology showcases artefacts dating back to 45,000 BC. Another gallery displays excavations from Harrapa, representing the lifestyle of the Indus civilisation in two distinct periods, Harrapa and mature Harrapa. Next on display is the Gandhara civilisation. One of the galleries displays the Greek goddess of wealth, Anathema Dionysus, and the god of love, Cupid. The Hindu god Shiva Mahadiava displayed in a pose of meditation is one of the attractions at the Hindu Shahi gallery. The last gallery consists of artefacts excavated from Gor Khuttree in Peshawar, which traces the Islamic civilisation in the Indian subcontinent.