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History - 2

Greeks Open Cultural Centre in Kalash

The Greek Teachers Association (GTA) has constructed a cultural complex in Kalash valley in Chitral. The centre comprises a health centre, a museum and an educational centre. Kalash is a beautiful area where an ethnic group, called Kafirs of the Hindu Kush, lives in Bamboret, Ramboor and Birir valleys. Bamboret is a big valley while [...]

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Rawalpindi Celebrates History As a Victorian Town

With the purpose of educating people about the former Victorian town of the subcontinent the ASG arranged a ceremony at the Islamabad Club the other day which also marked the opening of the organization’s season of activities. Stalls were set up exhibiting books and literature on history and civilization of the Asian region particularly Pakistan [...]

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French-Pakistani Documentaries on Historical Sufi Shrines

French filmmaker is collaborating with a Pakistani director to produce a series of documentaries exploring the architectural, artistic and spiritual importance of Pakistan’s shrines. The duo previously shot an internationally acclaimed 90-minute feature exploring the state of classical dance in Pakistan entitled Laatoo. Frenchwoman Alix Phillippon and Pakistani Faizan Pirzada have now commenced work on [...]

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Revisiting the Areas of Old Town Karachi

Karachi is probably the youngest of its kind on the world’s cosmopolitan map with a history of not more than 200 years, but it has its own myths although its cultural and ethnic configuration has entirely changed. A sizable part of the two localities that begins from Sarrafa Bazaar (jewellery market) in the east and [...]

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Major Book on Sindhi Literature History Launched

The book running over to 1,500 pages is a study of the history of Sindh in relation to its literature of the present and preceding years. It has been written in Urdu by Syed Mazhar Jameel, and will be translated by the Sindh Adabi Board as well as in Hindi in India by Sahitya Academy. [...]

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Lok Virsa: Pakistan’s Unique Ethnological Museum

Somehow our museums are not a popular subject for newspapers. Also called the Virsa Museum (because it was planned and laid out by Lok Virsa, the National Institute of Folk and Traditional Heritage) it is completely different from other museums. The museum is splendid opportunity for the people of Pakistan who live in Islamabad or [...]

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Pakistan Villager Discovers Buried Treasure

Zahoor Khan, a resident of Megowal village, was digging earth for some construction work outside the village when the tractor’s blades touched an earthen pot deep under the soil. With the brushing, the pot broke but led tractor driver Imran to the discovery of some metallic things. The next moment he was surprised to see [...]

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Ancient Poetry Genre Revived at Karachi Cultural Street

The organizers of Koocha-i-Saqafat revived the long-forgotten poetic genre of ‘Char bait’ on Sunday. In some Pathan states of the subcontinent, such as Rampur, Bhopal, Tonk and Jaora, ‘Char bait’ contests were held in the past in which at least two groups recited four-line stanzas to the tune of ‘duf’ (tambourine). The road on which [...]

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Karachi Helps Indian Tourists Re-visit Old Houses

Local authorities in Karachi city have started updating records of old buildings and bungalows of Karachi in order to help visitors from neighbouring India to locate their houses which they had abandoned during the partition in 1947. This was revealed by officials in the city district government of Karachi. The idea found root after city [...]

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Manto’s Historic Typewriter Given to Lahore College

The Urdu typewriter used by legendary Urdu short-story writer Saadat Hasan Manto has been donated to Govt. College Lahore. … this historical typewriter used by two most important literary legends of Urdu literature would be put on display at the Govt. College Lahore. During his controversial two-decade career, the leading Urdu short-story writer of the [...]

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