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A Pakistan Holiday for a British Journalist

The notion that Pakistan is more dangerous than Iraq is absurd. I hired a car in Islamabad and headed out onto the partially completed M2 motorway that will eventually connect Lahore (near the Indian border) with Peshawar (the last city on the road to the Khyber Pass and Afghanistan). Suicide bombs, battles in tribal areas, [...]

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Suggested by Shakil

Pakistan Study Reveals Heaviest Snow in a Thousand Years

A study published today (27 April) in Nature says the region received more snow in the past century than at any other point during the past thousand years. Oxygen locked away inside ancient trees shows that human activities have resulted in a dramatic increase in snowfall in northern Pakistan, say researchers. A senior Pakistani geologist [...]

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Pakistani Paintress Impresses New York Art World

New York-based artist Shahzia Sikander has achieved international acclaim for her diverse body of works, which range from miniature-size paintings to room-size installations … In the mid-1990s, her early works prompted curators and critics everywhere to align Sikander with many other artists whose work dealt with themes of personal and cultural identity. She was included [...]

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Pakistan Pop Sensation Swoons Indian Fans

With his catchy numbers and boyish good looks that make female fans swoon, Roy is the latest musician to try his luck in India from across the salt desert. While Hindi films are only now making their way to theatres in Pakistan, music has always made it’s way across the border to our country. And [...]

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Rescued American Repays Pakistan Villagers by Building Schools

Mortenson has traveled the seemingly impenetrable paths of rural Pakistan, fighting the elements, poverty, fatwas against him from corrupt mullahs, death threats from Americans who consider him a traitor for helping Muslim children, separation from his family, and a terrifying kidnapping to make true on his promise. In 1993, mountain-climber Greg Mortenson nearly lost his [...]

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Cuba’s Pakistan Quake Documentary Premieres

The film, by director Roberto Chile, was presented by Cuban Charge’d Affairs Ivan Mora who said it was a privilege and honor to screen the latest effort of a filmmaker whose camera has captured historic moments of the Cuban Revolution. A documentary film about the work of the Cuban Medical brigade in Pakistan since the [...]

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Remembering the Glory Days of Lahore

Coffee House across the street had its own crowd, mostly made up of lawyers, politicians and journalists. The atmosphere was intellectual and journalistic. Off and on, some professors from Government College and a few students, including girls, would drop in for a cup. Everyone minded his or her own business and if a girl came [...]

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Also pointed by Sairah

First Indian Movie in Pakistan Theatres in 40 Years

Mughal-e-Azam, or The Great Mogul, is an historical romance made in 1960 in Mumbai but set in Lahore at the time when Muslim leaders ruled India. Film lovers lined up at theatres in Lahore, Pakistan, on Sunday to see the first Indian movie allowed to be screened in the country for almost 60 years. The [...]

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Rising Incomes Fuel Pakistan’s Continued Telecom Boom

“Why shouldn’t I keep a mobile phone when I can have it for less than 200 rupees ($3.5) a month,” said Mohammad Akram while tending to his vegetable stall on the roadside of a middle-class Karachi neighborhood. Thanks to Pakistanis’ rising incomes, which have doubled to over $800 per annum in the last six years, [...]

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Big Gold and Copper Discovery in Balochistan

The Rekodiq mining area has proven estimated reserves of two billion tons of copper and 20 million ounces of gold. Major reserves of copper and gold in Balochistan’s Rekodiq area have been discovered which would contribute about $1.25 billion annually to the national economy, it is learnt. According to the current market price, the value [...]

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