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Pakistan-Born Becomes First Highest Ranking British Navy Officer

Pakistan-born Muslim immigrant Amjad Hussain, 47, was this week promoted to rear admiral from commodore. The Royal Navy have appointed their first non-white admiral. The admiral made national headlines in 1989 when he escorted Princess Diana around his ship, the frigate HMS Cornwall. Dad Mazhar worked as a railway signalman before building his own small [...]

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Karachi Man is the Most Popular Female Star on Pakistan TV

Salim’s chiffon-wearing alter ego, Begum (Mrs.) Nawazish Ali, has become an overnight star, using style and pomp to confront prickly topics with Pakistani politicians, Islamic religious figures and celebrities, posing questions that more established journalists routinely steer clear of. Born a boy, Ali Salim long prayed to God to make him a girl. Years later, [...]

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Porsche Set for Pakistan with New Models and Showrooms

Cayman S will be the first in a series of new Porsche models to hit the Pakistani roads. Furthermore, a new Porsche showroom will open in Karachi in May 2006 while the Service Centre has already been operational there since January 2006. Although sales and service activities have already started, the official launch ceremonies were [...]

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Pakistan Food Products New Craze in Indian Kashmir

The products imported from National Foods of Karachi (NFK) by Quantum Foods of Panipat in Haryana have become a craze with Kashmiris for their high quality. The products from the neighbouring country are already flooding the markets here and are much in demand. Several shopkeepers across the Kashmir Valley were doing brisk business selling Pakistani [...]

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Pakistan Study Shows Cloves Good for Diabetes

A small study out of Pakistan found extracts of cloves might be beneficial to people with type 2 diabetes. Researchers say the benefits lasted at least 10 days after the patients stopped taking the cloves. Patients who took the equivalent of one to two cloves a day for a month saw improvements in insulin function, [...]

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Lahore University Wins Top Award at Harvard International Conference

More than 1,400 students from 175 international institutes participated in the conference, the largest such international gathering of students. This is the first time in the history of the conference that an Asian university has won the competition. An eight-member delegation from LUMS, the university representing Pakistan at the conference for the last three years, [...]

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9,000 Year Old Dentistry Evidence Found in Pakistan

Researchers were impressed by how advanced the society was in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province. Primitive dentists drilled nearly perfect holes into live but undoubtedly unhappy patients between 5500 B.C. and 7000 B.C., an article in Thursday’s issue of the journal Nature reports. Researchers carbon-dated at least nine skulls with 11 drill holes found in a Pakistan [...]

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Classic Hollywood Film Festival in Lahore

The festival represents the development of American cinema from silent, black-and-white movies to colour-tinted and sound versions. Film buffs have an eclectic mix of masterpieces to choose from: works by comedic genius Charlie Chaplin and master of suspense Alfred Hitchcock, the first Hollywood epic by D.W. Griffith The Birth of A Nation and the multiple-award-winning [...]

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Pakistan Children Reply to the ‘World’s Largest Love Letter’

The letter, which may be listed as the largest card in the Guinness Book of World Records, has fast assumed the proportions of a massive campaign. The 86,400 square foot letter (360 feet by 249 feet) was first unveiled in Bangalore on January 16 and has since travelled throughout India, growing in both size and [...]

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Pakistan’s First DNA Forensic Lab Launched

The DNA laboratory has been established by the National Police Bureau under its National Forensic Science Programme (NFSP) at a cost of Rs8 million. Pakistan established its first DNA test laboratory in Islamabad on Friday with the assistance of China to investigate complicated terrorism and criminal cases. The government of China provided the technology and [...]

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