Pakistan Pop Sensation Swoons Indian Fans

via www.ibnlive.com

With his catchy numbers and boyish good looks that make female fans swoon, Roy is the latest musician to try his luck in India from across the salt desert. While Hindi films are only now making their way to theatres in Pakistan, music has always made it’s way across the border to our country. And the latest musician to cross the LoC is Shehzad Roy. youngster whose influences have ranged from U2 to Bryan Adams, Kishore Kumar and R D Burman to Abida Parveen, Shehzad Roy is in Mumbai to promote his album Salli. This 27-year old identifies the guitar as the love of his life and the major driving force behind taking up this profession. In addition to being a prodigy Roy also runs the Zindagi Trust, an NGO that even got Bryan Adams to pitch in.