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Chinese-Pakistani Border Market Opened at Old Silk Road

Kashi, The ancient city in Xinjiang province on the Old Silk Road yesterday established a border trade market with Pakistan to facilitate business activities between the two sides. The market, covering an area of 1,700 square metres, is located on the Hunqrap Pass near the China-Pakistan border. In partnership with Pakistan, the border trade market [...]

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Growing Number of Tourists Find New Surprises in Pakistan

“The only things I knew about Pakistan before I came here were bombing and shooting,” said Japanese tourist Aya Tsutatani over a sumptuous dinner of local delicacies. Their perceptions changed after they joined a group of 11 Japanese tourists visiting the country’s breathtaking northern areas, where four mountain ranges including the Himalaya collide. The figures [...]

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Found by Wamiq

Karachi Helps Indian Tourists Re-visit Old Houses

Local authorities in Karachi city have started updating records of old buildings and bungalows of Karachi in order to help visitors from neighbouring India to locate their houses which they had abandoned during the partition in 1947. This was revealed by officials in the city district government of Karachi. The idea found root after city [...]

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Found by Asim

Skiing Pakistan’s Karakoram Peaks

The Karakorams in Pakistan contains some of the most spectacular mountains in the world. Here you’ll find Laila Peak (6614 m), which is said to be the most beautiful mountain in Asia. No one has ever skied that mountain. Fredrik Ericsson and Jörgen Aamot are, this summer, taking on that challenge, as the first in [...]

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Pakistan’s Kalash ‘Non-believers’ Face Changing Times

The Kalash community dates to the time of Alexander the Great. Until recently, the lifestyle of the Kalash had changed little since the community was established, according to their oral history, by settlers from Alexander the Great’s armies in 377 BC. The strongest influence the next generation faces may well be tourism. Women still wear [...]

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125 Year Old Lahore Market to Become Handicrafts Museum

The site chosen for the purpose is the 125-year old Tollington Market on The Mall in Lahore, which has seen many ups and downs in its life. Till recently, and for as long as one remembers, it was a fruit, fish, and vegetable market, but then the Punjab Government decided to restore its original function [...]

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Study Shows Karachi Among 12 ‘Extended Cities’ in Asia

Karachi is among the 12 cities in Asia after Tokyo, Mumbai, Beijing, Metro Manila and Seoul, where development has sprawled into the surrounding countryside. According to a study, these are greater than cities plus suburbs, for almost all development has sprawled into the surrounding countryside, enveloping villages, towns, and small and medium-size cities, creating ‘extended [...]

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Lahore’s Chimpanzee Romeo Keeps Honey Away from People

The Lahore Zoo has erected barriers around the chimpanzee cage because Romeo, the male chimpanzee, gets upset if people come too close to his two and a half month-old baby, Honey. Romeo began to draw crowds after he began throwing water at people to ward them off. He would fill his mouth with water from [...]

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Angelina Jolie’s Visit to NWFP

Since making her debut in 1984, Oscar-winner Jolie has acted in many box-office hits but is known to her fans in Pakistan more for her role in Tomb Raider. “Pakistan has been hosting the Afghan refugees for many many years and the UNHCR greatly appreciates its support,” she told reporters after the meeting. Jolie has [...]

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Tracing Historic Links Between Pakistan and Central Asia

The existence of links between Pakistan and Central Asia at the end of 3rd and the beginning of 2nd millennium B.C is beyond doubts. Pakistan and Central Asia are seats of original cultures and centers world’s earliest civilizations. Pakistan’s cultural contacts with central Asia can be traced back to the Prehistoric times. In the Indian [...]

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