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Ancient Pakistan Mountain Community Celebrates Winter Festival

The Kalash will spend the next three months in virtual hibernation due to the harsh winter in the valleys. The festival is used as an opportunity to welcome the tough season. The traditional winter festival opened on Monday in the three Kalash valleys of Bumburate, Birir and Rumboor in the south of Chitral district. The [...]

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Multan Biker Rides Across Pakistan for Children’s Village

The 2000-km tour on a 200cc Suzuki motorcycle called ‘On the way for SOS’ began from SOS Village Karachi on December 2 and is scheduled to end in Peshawar on December 12. Tareen stopped at Haiderabad, Mohro, Sukkhur, Rahim Yar Khan, Bahawalpur, Multan and Sahiwal before reaching Lahore. Mukarram Khan Tareen, a 37-year-old artist and [...]

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Pakistan NGO Wins $1 Million Urban Planning Award

The Alcan Prize Adjudication Panel received the AKPBS‘ entry in March and over the course of its assessment was impressed by the organization’s grassroots approach and sustainable impact on environmental, economic, social and cultural issues and the global relevance of its work. Founded in 1980, AKPBS works to alleviate poverty in a sustainable manner, by [...]

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American Volunteers Find Pakistan Friendlier than Expected

“Like most Americans, I had the idea that this is a pretty dangerous place to be,” she says, adding that she had never known any Pakistanis. What she discovered, however, is a country whose beauty and hospitality she is now reluctant to leave. “This totally changed my concept of Pakistan.” Other Americans have come on [...]

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Pakistani, British 4×4 Offroaders at Kohi-Taftan

The venue of the meeting will be Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation’s rest house in Taftan where a group of four enterprising young Britons who left England in August in two 4X4 vehicles on a gruelling expedition to drive 65,000 to New Zealand to raise money for charity will meet up with 17 Pakistani members of [...]

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Backpacking Tourists Get High on Lahore’s Hospitality

The Japanese tourists need something flammable. ”Kerosene?” A French journalist drops by for a warm handshake and news about the road to Iran. Two girls, one Colombian, one South African, sit outside the cramped, do-it-yourself kitchen. On special nights, groups of ”qawwali,” or devotional, musicians take over the rooftop to clap and sing praises to [...]

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The Karakoram Porters – a Hope for Earthquake Survivors

The only window of hope for the survivors of the earthquake are the Karakoram porters, who can keep the supply lines open during these harsh conditions.. Most of the trekking and mountaineering porters in Pakistan hail from Baltistan and Upper Hunza and they frequently have to carry heavy loads in remote areas, sometimes higher than [...]

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Travelling with Pakistan’s 72nd Animal Transport Battalion

The animal transport battalions of the Pakistan Army have a long, proud history. This is a mercy mission. And while it may be a physical challenge for a soft, city-living correspondent, to the men and mules of the 72nd Animal Transport Battalion of the Pakistan Army, it’s a day at the office. What really bothered [...]

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Chicago’s Pakistani Cabbie Dreams for Peace

Hajee Hanif drives a cab now, but there’s more to his story than meets the eye. Hajee Hanif, 62, left India for Pakistan at the age of four. And when Evanston residents and students hail a 303 Taxi, they just might find Hanif sitting in the driver’s seat. The Chicagoan breaking his Ramadan fast with [...]

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Paragliding Pakistan’s Karakoram Peaks

Paragliding was developed in Europe during early 1980s and was open to all by 1985. It was probably the first time in Pakistan, when two French mountaineers flew Para gliders in Karakoram, Northern Areas of Pakistan in 1985. Many foreigners took the advantage of undefined laws about paragliding in Pakistan and flew among the highest [...]

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