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Karachi’s ‘Trafalgar Square’ Pigeons Get Anonymous Patrons

Most people in Karachi see pigeons as a nuisance and some have even advocated that they are pests that should be exterminated. However, in the same city there are others who still have a soft corner for these innocent birds and regularly feed them. In fact, there are some places in the city where the [...]

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Pakistan Declared Visa-Free Country

Pakistan has been declared a visa-free country for a week for members of all relief and rescue teams coming to Pakistan to help the earthquake victims. Officials here said persons planning to come to Pakistan to take part in the relief operation in any form need not worry about visa. The facility is available both [...]

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Ordinary People Drive Forward Pakistan-India Peace

A series of confidence-building measures since the peace process began 20 months ago has made South Asia a safer place. “Never before have common people played such an active role in improving relations. In earlier times, only governments and intelligentsia were principal actors. Building on the goodwill generated by new bus service linking Muzaffarabad- Srinagar [...]

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Remembering Karachi’s Malabari Community

A long time ago people from Kerala, many with strong leftist roots, held sway in this bustling port city of Pakistan. Today, barely 6,000 remain, and most of them have lost their Malayalee identity. Most of the early Keralites started to make a living by brewing and selling tea to shopkeepers. The enterprising people they [...]

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Pakistan’s First Environmental ‘Rafting Rally’ Held in Swat

The Environmental Protection Society (EPS) led a unique white band campaign in Pakistan. In a colorful rally on water, people from the community, including school children and their teachers, lawyers, local government and community representatives rode on indigenous rafts (locally called Ja’La) in the beautiful river Swat. They travelled by water for 22 kms starting [...]

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Pakistan ‘Mountain Festival’ Highlights Big Three Ranges

A three-day ‘Mountain Festival’ kicks off here on Sunday to raise awareness for the protection of biodiversity of three splendid mountain ranges — Karakorum, Hindukush and Himalayas — in Northern Areas. The festival will feature exhibition of arts and crafts from mountains, photographs, screening of documentaries, holding conferences, live performance by Northern Areas artistes, food [...]

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Pakistan’s Art Decorated Vehicles Exhibition in Scotland

Pop along to Pakistan’s Decorated Vehicles – part of the Pakistani Film, Media and Arts Festival at Tramway – and you’ll discover the brilliantly embellished moving canvasses that are the country’s trucks and buses. Photographer Peter Grant has recorded these eye-catching vehicles and his images, mounted alongside Billboard Art of Lollywood, create a sense of [...]

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Found by Nadeem

A Pakistani-American’s Tale of Bridging Two Cultures

My marriage bridges two cultures and two religions in a world that is not as black and white as some paint it. This summer, I had decided to quit wrestling with fear and heed the U.S. government’s warning to avoid travel to Pakistan. For an American, this sun-drenched country along the Arabian Sea is not [...]

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Found by Asim

London-Sydney Classic Cars Rally Drives Across Pakistan

The London-Sydney Friendship motor rally 2005 left for Islamabad after an overnight stopover here on Sunday. Fifteen vehicles, including 12 vintage 1970 models of Jaguar, Mercedes, Pontiac, Porsche and Chevrolet, entered the Pakistan leg of the world tour on Saturday evening from the Iranian border town of Taftan. Thirty-five people were riding the vehicles. The [...]

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Pakistan-India Peace Creating Giant Goats

The ceasefire between India and Pakistan in Kashmir has produced an unexpected beneficiary – the world’s largest goat. The markhor, a mountain goat that stands almost 6ft tall at the shoulder and can weigh 17 stone, was thought to be extinct in Indian-held Kashmir. Markhor are considered critically endangered, but other populations have survived in [...]

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