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Pakistani Astronomers Bring Spectacular Science To Rural Masses

A grass-roots scientific association called the Khwarizmi Science Society (KSS) is gaining popular recognition for creating scientific awareness in far-flung areas of Pakistan. Using astronomy “astrofests” or “falakyati melas” (astronomy festivals) it is generating momentum and interest from people otherwise not exposed to such phenomena. The KSS decided to take part in the International Year [...]

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Suggested by Syed Imran

Language of the Ancient Indus Civilization Discovered

The language of one of the most mysterious civilizations – The Indus Valley Civilization – is reported to have been discovered by a team of University of Washington in Seattle and the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in Mumbai. The Indus civilization flourished in isolation 4,500 years ago along the border of what is now [...]

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Suggested by Maddie Hah

Pakistani Woman Adventurer Lands in Antarctica

Namira Salim, the Pakistani explorer and adventurer, and a woman being trained to go into space, landed to a ferocious weather welcoming her in Antarctica. It took more than 40 hours of flights, plane connections and even an emergency landing before she arrived at Punta Arenas, Chile, the southernmost tip of South America. During her [...]

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Pakistan Study Reveals Heaviest Snow in a Thousand Years

A study published today (27 April) in Nature says the region received more snow in the past century than at any other point during the past thousand years. Oxygen locked away inside ancient trees shows that human activities have resulted in a dramatic increase in snowfall in northern Pakistan, say researchers. A senior Pakistani geologist [...]

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Pakistan Study Shows Cloves Good for Diabetes

A small study out of Pakistan found extracts of cloves might be beneficial to people with type 2 diabetes. Researchers say the benefits lasted at least 10 days after the patients stopped taking the cloves. Patients who took the equivalent of one to two cloves a day for a month saw improvements in insulin function, [...]

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9,000 Year Old Dentistry Evidence Found in Pakistan

Researchers were impressed by how advanced the society was in Pakistan’s Baluchistan province. Primitive dentists drilled nearly perfect holes into live but undoubtedly unhappy patients between 5500 B.C. and 7000 B.C., an article in Thursday’s issue of the journal Nature reports. Researchers carbon-dated at least nine skulls with 11 drill holes found in a Pakistan [...]

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Also pointed by Nadeem

Pakistan’s First DNA Forensic Lab Launched

The DNA laboratory has been established by the National Police Bureau under its National Forensic Science Programme (NFSP) at a cost of Rs8 million. Pakistan established its first DNA test laboratory in Islamabad on Friday with the assistance of China to investigate complicated terrorism and criminal cases. The government of China provided the technology and [...]

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Found by Sairah

Karachi Papers of Scientist Who ‘Modified’ Newton Theories

The collection of papers includes original theories of ‘New Relativity’ and ‘Rotational Theory of Light’ presented by Sir Sulaiman in British India. An exhibition of the research papers of Sir Shah Muhammad Sulaiman will start on Monday at the National Museum to commemorate the 65th death anniversary of the great Muslim scientist. Sir Shah Sulaiman [...]

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Pakistan Human Genome Project Drafted

A visiting scientist of Pakistani origin, US-based Dr Hameedullah, from the National Institute of Health, Maryland, USA, presented his paper, “Genome to life project: the impact of the genetic revolution on our lives during the 21st century and beyond”, in the auditorium of DUHS organised by the Department of Community Medicine on Wednesday. The Dow [...]

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Pakistan’s Drive for More Science Development

The symposia will take place at universities across Pakistan and will bring together stakeholders with an interest in the topics. Some of the meetings will be held in collaboration with major mass media groups, including Pakistan Television (PTV) and national newspapers. Awards ranging from 50,000 to 100,000 rupees (US$835 to US$1,670) will be given to [...]

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Found by Wamiq