Pakistani Woman Adventurer Lands in Antarctica

via www.gulfnews.com

Namira Salim, the Pakistani explorer and adventurer, and a woman being trained to go into space, landed to a ferocious weather welcoming her in Antarctica. It took more than 40 hours of flights, plane connections and even an emergency landing before she arrived at Punta Arenas, Chile, the southernmost tip of South America. During her stay at the camp she was faced with the coldest, windiest and driest weather on the planet, which is typical of Antarctica and which remains the biggest challenge for her onward expedition. Namira’s first leg of the journey was to Patriot Hills, a tourist camp where planes bringing non-scientific visitors to Antarctica. Salim, who lives in Emirates Hills, Dubai, is the first Pakistani woman to reach the North Pole. While waiting for the weather to clear, Namira Salim has been exploring the local environment through small expeditions in and around Patriot Hills. However, she said that the flight, a mere four and half hours long, only took off, amid strong winds, snow and poor visibility, after several days of delays due to intense weather in Antarctica.