Karachi Papers of Scientist Who ‘Modified’ Newton Theories

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The collection of papers includes original theories of ‘New Relativity’ and ‘Rotational Theory of Light’ presented by Sir Sulaiman in British India. An exhibition of the research papers of Sir Shah Muhammad Sulaiman will start on Monday at the National Museum to commemorate the 65th death anniversary of the great Muslim scientist. Sir Shah Sulaiman was critical of the postulate of relativity as formulated by Einstein and he thought that by modifying Newton’s theory to some extent, the results, which were observed, could be deduced according to his own ideas. The results of the observation made by a Russian observer at the time of 1936 eclipse supported the theory of Sir Shah Sulaiman. Sir Shah Sulaiman’s theory is now gradually obtaining recognition even from orthodox quarters and is considered to be an outstanding contribution towards advancement of scientific knowledge.