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An Indian Businessman’s Trip to Mohenjodaro

Recently I had an opportunity to visit Pakistan on business and I grabbed this opportunity to visit Mohenjodaro. I had planned to visit Mohenjodaro on the third day along with one of our local associates. My first destination in Pakistan was Karachi which I found to be quite a pleasant city. I was treated well [...]

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Karachiites Get a Taste of Ice Skating Rink

“Ice-skating in Karachi is a blessing in disguise, especially with the hot weather all year round. There is finally going to be another activity to do in the heat other than eating and shopping at malls,” said Unisia Raza. The Arena, other than a skating rink and a mini golf course, also caters to other [...]

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Rising Incomes Fuel Pakistan’s Continued Telecom Boom

“Why shouldn’t I keep a mobile phone when I can have it for less than 200 rupees ($3.5) a month,” said Mohammad Akram while tending to his vegetable stall on the roadside of a middle-class Karachi neighborhood. Thanks to Pakistanis’ rising incomes, which have doubled to over $800 per annum in the last six years, [...]

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Big Gold and Copper Discovery in Balochistan

The Rekodiq mining area has proven estimated reserves of two billion tons of copper and 20 million ounces of gold. Major reserves of copper and gold in Balochistan’s Rekodiq area have been discovered which would contribute about $1.25 billion annually to the national economy, it is learnt. According to the current market price, the value [...]

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Porsche Set for Pakistan with New Models and Showrooms

Cayman S will be the first in a series of new Porsche models to hit the Pakistani roads. Furthermore, a new Porsche showroom will open in Karachi in May 2006 while the Service Centre has already been operational there since January 2006. Although sales and service activities have already started, the official launch ceremonies were [...]

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Pakistan Food Products New Craze in Indian Kashmir

The products imported from National Foods of Karachi (NFK) by Quantum Foods of Panipat in Haryana have become a craze with Kashmiris for their high quality. The products from the neighbouring country are already flooding the markets here and are much in demand. Several shopkeepers across the Kashmir Valley were doing brisk business selling Pakistani [...]

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UN Survey Reports Improving Pakistan Economy

The UN Economic and Social Survey of Asia and the Pacific said that the country’s GDP growth of 8.4 percent in 2005 was the highest in the last two decades due to continuity of economic policies, a robust financial sector and strong domestic demand. A United Nations economic survey released in Islamabad Thursday said that [...]

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Large Pakistan Port Upgrades for More Capacity

A new, state-of-the-art customs clearance system has recently been implemented at KICT. According to a spokesman for APL, a leading customer of the terminal: ‘This enables hassle-free customs clearance and so reduced lead time and the cost of handling shipments.’ The biggest and longest established of these is Karachi International Container Terminal, which is part [...]

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Pakistan Gas Reserves 6th Largest in Asia-Pacific

The country offers huge oil and gas potential and vast relatively unexplored acreage, with historical success ratio of 1:3.4. ‘The major portion of hydrocarbons is untapped,’ says a JS Capital Markets report on ‘Pakistan’s gas reserves and gas fields’ released on Wednesday. Based on 2004 data of remaining recoverable reserves, Pakistan with gas reserves of [...]

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Pakistan: The Most Surprising Economic Success Story

The proof is in the numbers. Last year the country’s GDP growth rate hit 8.4 percent, the world’s second highest behind China, following two years of solid 6 percent growth. It’s a heady turnaround for a nation that, in the late 1990s, was practically a failed state with near-zero GDP growth. Because of its headlong [...]

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