An Indian Businessman’s Trip to Mohenjodaro

via www.deccanherald.com

Recently I had an opportunity to visit Pakistan on business and I grabbed this opportunity to visit Mohenjodaro. I had planned to visit Mohenjodaro on the third day along with one of our local associates. My first destination in Pakistan was Karachi which I found to be quite a pleasant city. I was treated well every where and I did not detect the slightest trace of animosity because I was an Indian. The food was typically north Indian and did not pose any problem. They have a Pakistani Roti which is served with meat or vegetarian curry. I had come here prepared to see only some ruins, but what I could actually see and perceive was mind boggling! This was a civilization that had existed more than 5000 years ago and the sense of planning, order and hygiene they showed is absolutely incredible. This makes it a contemporary of the Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations and marks it as truly a cradle of human civilization. There are dust bins at many corners and there is a well with water in it which appears to have survived for more than 5000 years!