Karachiites Get a Taste of Ice Skating Rink

via www.dailytimes.com.pk

“Ice-skating in Karachi is a blessing in disguise, especially with the hot weather all year round. There is finally going to be another activity to do in the heat other than eating and shopping at malls,” said Unisia Raza. The Arena, other than a skating rink and a mini golf course, also caters to other interests like rock climbing, bowling, paint balling, a gaming arcade and a large cafeteria with a variety of cuisines. The Arena is located at Karsaz and provides various recreational activities for people of all age groups. The most exciting attraction for most customers, however, seemed to be the ice-skating rink and a mini golf course. This complex with its many sports and games also includes bowling alleys and a gaming arcade. Along with trying out new things, the Arena caters to those less adventurous ones who like to stick to their familiar activities. The mini golf course gives the individual the opportunity to play the sport and enjoy its benefits without getting a membership of an actual golf club and realizing it is not a sport for them.

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