Pakistan-India Love Match Captivates South Asians Across the Border

via news.yahoo.com

Pakistan’s Shoaib Malik and Indian Sania Mirza finally got married after a long soap opera of desi twists and turns which brought the two nations even closer — to argue and to be entertained while glued to their TVs — by the saga. At last all the papers were in place before the arrival of the bride and groom, and the ceremony was over within five minutes. The Kutbah was read by the head Qazi. The 23-year-old Tennis star Sania and 28-year-old Cricketer Shoaib originally planned to marry on April 15 but there was speculation that the date would be advanced after the tumultuous build-up. The bride Sania Mirza was dressed in a traditional red sari that her mother wore at her own wedding 25 years ago. The timing of the Sania-Shoaib wedding has been a moving target in recent days amid the larger media circus of their relationship. The sporting marriage, apparently unprecedented in the perennial rivalry between the south Asian nations, was first announced just months after Mirza broke off her engagement to a childhood friend. Shoaib paid Rs 61 lakh as meher amount to Sania at the time of the nikaah and also presented her a car. The couple, who are both Muslims, are believed to be based in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates but expected to continue to represent their countries in their respective sports.

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