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Pakistani Fashion Boutiques Create a Buzz in Toronto

Pakistani fashion boutiques are springing up in and around Toronto bringing latest fashion from Karachi and Lahore to the streets of Canada. Pakistani women in Toronto commonly refresh their wardrobes with 10 to 15 new casual and formal outfits a year. It’s a passion that is giving the more established clothing stores on Gerrard St. [...]

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Suggested by Anon

Pakistan Fashion Extravaganza Glitters Karachi

Karachi is abuzz with fashionistas, designers, spunky models and stylish catwalks as a week long Pakistan Fashion Week draws to a close. Eight local designers opened the event experimenting with twists on traditional Pakistani dresses and western styles. Karachi is known for its glitzy malls and thriving cafe culture, just a two-hour flight away from [...]

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Suggested by Maddie Hah

Karachi Designer Kurta is the World’s Largest

A humongous kurta from fashion designer Deepak Perwani in Karachi has been given the certificate of being the world’s largest by Guinness Book of World Records. The kurta, large enough to be worn by a 175-foot tall person, was unveiled at a public ceremony. The kurta was measured last month by professional experts of SGS [...]

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Suggested by Shamim

Pakistani Men – The Great Attraction for Western Women

What is it about the Pakistani men that attracts such numbers of beautiful western women? Princess Diana, Jemima Khan, and the latest being Britney Spears with her beau Adnan Ghalib. The West acknowledges it. Wonder when the Pakistanis will wake up to this fact. Quite naturally, its people are culturally and socially wealthy. Let us [...]

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Lahore Khussa – The Great Mughal Footwear

The Moguls’ embellishment of the Lahori Khussa made it into a trend for the ordinary as well as the privileged and the Khussa of Heera Mandi became an important part of the subcontinent’s culture. Lahore’s traditional embroidered shoe, the Khussa, is a specialty of Heera Mandi – a bazaar of great historical and cultural significance. [...]

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Lahore Rising to be Pakistan’s ‘Fashion Gallery’

Sources in the fashion industry said the International Fashion Awards 2005 which saw model Mehreen Syed being declared the first Ms Pakistan, Sara Salman’s fashion shows and several other such shows had brought about positive changes in the city’s fashion scene. It appears as if “Bridal Waves”, a fashion gala which was held last year, [...]

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Pakistani Student Wins Paris Fashion Award

Fashion designers studying at various fashion institutes around the world participate in the competition each year. The 23rd such competition was held in Paris and Louvre on December 15 last year. A promising Pakistani fashion designer, Hassan Ashraf Butt studying at the Pakistan School of Fashion Design (PSFD), won the ‘Country Prize’ at a fashion [...]

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Karachi-Born Entrepreneur Buys Italian Fashion House

Born in Karachi, 42-year old Asim Abdullah made his fortune from hi-tech investments, notably the sale of his company Veo Systems, to Commerce One, the business-to-business internet marketplace. Last summer, the entrepreneur was spotted in Paris at Ungaro’s fashion show, the first clue that the Silicon valley millionaire was to become a fashion sugar daddy. [...]

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Found by Asim

Tattooing & Body Art En Vogue in Lahore

Tattoos and piercing have come into fashion among the young as tattoo parlours and piercing studios open in Lahore, despite rebuke by parents and ridicule by passers-by, learnt Daily Times. A tattoo artist said mainly 14 to 28 year old boys and girls and some older clients get maps, dragons, images, reptiles, alphabets, comic heroes [...]

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Bangladesh Fashion Coming to Pakistan with Retail Outlets

A Bangladeshi company, Beximco, will open a chain of stores named Yellow in a number of cities in Pakistan. BEXIMCO is the single largest company quoted at Dhaka Stock Exchange and largest supplier to leading fashion apparel brands such as Zara, Van Huesen, Calvin Klein and DKNY. It is also the largest supplier of Bone [...]

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