Heritage Museum gives taste of Pakistan’s rich culture

via www.dailytimes.com.pk

Museums are like people. They come in all shapes and sizes and one cannot always realise what is inside by their exterior. The recently inaugurated ‘Heritage Museum: The National Museum of Ethnology’ is no different. People might consider museum visits as monotonous, but inside the Heritage Museum, it is hard not to fall in a trance.

The Heritage Museum is a tribute to the ancient traditions of Pakistan and its people – it presents the influence, lifestyle, art, craft and the ethnography of our diverse culture.

The four museum blocks cover a 60,000 square feet area and contain 25 galleries, and halls for antiques, lok virsa, architecture and future vision. Nearly Rs 65 million were spent on the project and land was contributed by the Lok Virsa to house its priceless collections. The management claims that at market price, the collections and land are worth well over Rs 700 million…