Figurative Painting Exhibition Opens in Lahore Featuring 6 Artists

via www.dailytimes.com.pk

A group exhibition titled ‘Unveiled’, featuring the works of six figurative painters, will open at the Royaat Gallery The Mall on Thursday. The gallery is an extension of the existing Royaat gallery at Defence. Raja Changez Sultan, the Pakistan National of Council Of Arts (PNCA) director general curated the show.

The artists whose work would be on display include Raja Changez Sultan, Meher Afroze and Naheed Raza (Karachi-based artists), Saeed Akhtar, Colin David and Akram Dost. The paintings on display depict the female form in various moods and poses. The paintings include charcoal sketches by Mr Sultan who has drawn dancing silhouettes. His figures question and probe human relationships and conflicts within individuals. Meher Afroze uses space on the canvas and common symbols by presenting haunting images, which allude to gender and class stratification within Pakistani society…