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The Bitch Witch Aunties I wish I were UGLY BETTY! how fascinating na! Just remove glasses, wear those IN FASHION coloured lenses and remove those braces and here you go! the Stunning AMERICA FERRARA! ;p

BTW that was an abrupt start today! I was supposed to tell you that this is part two of my first blog ... but then I thought "wots the point"! they know it already... ;p

Apologies for posting late... I was out of station.

So where were we? talking about Raja Purveez Ashraf??? don't tell me! how dare us! I mean how disgusting of us!

Of course the answer is very obvious! VERY VERY DISGUSTING of us to talk about him! hehehe

So I was narrating my experiences with BITCH-WITCH aunties (pardon ma French plz n I don't care if u don't!!! ;p )

The word AUNTY reminds me something extremely funny or annoying or disturbing each time I use it.. damn the word! khair this time its funny...

Check this out

Aunty: *a witch looking lady with a full 32 teeth shining but FAKE smile*

Me: * in my sarcastic mood as usually..looking innocent apparently while my Readers working constantly recording every bit of detail about that creature*

Aunty: *after the normal 'how do u do talk" * why are you sitting that far? come here, sit by me..*let me see your teeth*

Me: *shifting from this to that sofa..and regretting how can I can't say this rite on her face... "sure! what about I give u a crystal clean print of all my 32 teeth rite on ur BUM B**ch!!!!!!... Hehehehe thats mean of me.. I know*

Aunty: I see one of ua teeth iz nt matching with the others! y iz that!

Me: *telling myself that Enough is enough!* oh this tooth! yes its not just this aunti... actually I have fake teeth! dats why my Qurbani is nt halal!

Aunty: you are kidding rite?

My mother: yes she is!

Me: *yeh i have a wicked a sense of humour... u want some more?*

It went on and on and on until the stage where its no more depressing to have guests, no more " OMG what are we gonna do about it" motions... its plain mechanical now... check it out

My father: We are having guests this evening.
My Mother: *watching her favourite morning tv show* hmm k.
me: I have a dress already ironed so no worries.

Gone are the days when the news created any sensation...its all normal now.

Even the horrible looking Aunties and their Pet hubbys and witch daughters...everything is normal...because after failing terribly in launching my 'mission revenge khota parade' I came up with a strategy to soothe things out....

Now the unpleasant guests are my favourite subject for before they could start their round of observation..I take the lead...I have earned the smile of indifference by this point now....the moment my intuition signals me about the wrong type of the guests...I wear this smile and start my operation 'grilling observation'....and I am now able to announce this quite proudly that em not the victim any more....If this is a war of letting others down with your mare gazes and freakish facial expressions then meet your Opponent!!! and welcome to the Fight!

Tho it still feels abnormal..all of doesn't has to be like this I know...and so do you! right? there has to be a certain line of division between the good and bad people....but who will dare to draw this?? people who keep on reading the post but are not convinced enough to start talking about it? A guy asked me a question in the comments to my first post...and I promised to answer him..and here is your answer Hasan....

If this is your idea that men are totally innocent in this drama then you are very wrong..I admit the dominating role of women in this 'selection process' but men are not totally blame-less...

Have you ever asked you mother or sister or any other lady who is going to start this 'Operation chand c dulhan ki talash' for you or your elder brother or some uncle or anybody else.....???

what would you feel if someday. God forbid, your ver own sister faces the same problem? or worse..your daughter ? have you ever thought that just declaring that ' what can we do about it!' is not going to solve this issue?

*Wait! where are you going??? what? my blog got serious and boring? yeh I know. but its just for a while..I promise..just stick with that for a while... ok?*

Let me clear one little tiny tiny thing, its not that I want the upside down change in our social life-styles...I know its impossible..the reason I wrote this piece was simple..!

We, the girls, need our Self-respect to be respected! thats it! nothing big..right? just stop treating us in that "Bitchy" ways...we are humans too...and in some cases 'better humans' then the ' judges' please get a life...and do learn the basic "manners" before you go, judge some human for their mere appearance..

"beauty lies in the eyes of beholder" they quote!

"the real beauty lies within you, not outward" they insist!

LIARS!!!!!...they are all bloody liars...people keep on telling you what they are looking for or what they appreciate in somebody is "their kind nature" and not their "black eyes, pink lips,white complexion,a modal like personality"...well they lie! all of them....

We are hypocrites...we preach things that we dont believe in...we advise others what we don't follow... how many of you truly go for the kind nature and not the pretty face? oh yes..everyone goes for that..ok let me put it this way..

how many of you PREFER 'nature' over 'looks'???

Tough question I know..think for a while and don't answer me..I don't need are going to need it the next time you tell somebody that
" I am not one of those who fall for looks..I believe beauty lies within!"....

We have false,fake standards...people don't even know how to behave while they go to judge somebody with their mere looks....I ,on the behalf, of all those girls ,undergoing the same torture, demand rather Request you to respect our Dignity and self-respect...

Is it too much to ask? Is it too weird to demand that? all we need is to be treated like a human and not like some bloody decoration piece that you are looking for in some cheap it too much to ask?

Its not that everybody is same, I have named Bitchy Aunties, I will name few good ones too...people that made me feel good about myself...gentle looking Aunties who did not , not even for a minute, make me feel odd....they were good people and I believe that they were not the only good people around...its just that they are always outnumbered by 'bad guys' ...

There also came Aunties who spoke to me as if I was a part of their family already! and this difference in attitude was the main motive behind writing this post..Unlike the Bitchy Aunties, I can hardly count the good ones on my finger tips...and this says all I guess...the Dilemma behind this discussion...the dilemma of our beloved society....

Everyone of us poses to be a better Muslim then the other...
whenever somebody in losing on some point, Islam is brought in rite on time to rescue the argument...there comes some hadih to support the point... and there! you win!!!

I wonder If people even know what Islam says exactly...and prior to the this discussion, Islam has clear has that "list of Do's and Dont's" which we fail to notice , or ignore .Who does not know what is the proper Islamic way of proposal seeking? yet people ask me " are their any special manners that you are referring to?"

what to say? they leave me speechless for a while!
"bring this on Humanity" if you don't find any islamic reference in this regard is my reply usually....

khair...I got a little carried away..I know.. and excuse me for back to the spirit of blogging....

I just want you guys to not associate me with some "feminist" N.G.O....this was a personal story ..backed by many Friend's alike experiences....and I shared it here...I dont want much ..just a lil pondering on the that if you end up somewhere to attend a KHOTA exactly know what to do,



And I know you can do it...I have faith in you ;p Is it too much to ask?

And here they go again...


It seems as if they came to know about my conspiracy against the Taboos...but who cares...I was done anyways...

thankz for reading...
miltay hein break k baad..

WILL see you with a different post on some different topic..

* haha yeh I know that was relief for you... you were not expecting me to announce a part 3 of this post.. were you?

Come'n I had no intentions... its a post... not Bruce Willis DIE-HARD*

And till then Adios... old woman