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A Girls Parade Called Khota Parade You guys must be wondering what Khota Parade is! well I bet you know it if you are the female portion of the society... remember what your parents do when they all of a sudden realize that "oh ! our daughter is really grown up now"... they get hysteric! yes that's what they do...

and begins the most humiliating and unforgettable experience of your life which you remember and recall for years and generations to come :p

when my parents had this moment of realization, i was 23 years old,and i am 28 now! still 'single,dying to mingle!;p' ok! tat wos a joke..em not that FRUSTRATED..NOT YET :p

so the story begins of ma experience of this KHOTA PARADE....

I cant recall all my encounters with the Interested parties that came to see me (judge me and reject me and humiliate me) but i do remember some of them due to their brilliant appearance and acting !

In the beginning, it was quite tiring and tensed with all the 'the guests are coming'..."what are you going to wear?'...."what are we going to serve them"...."are they going to like it or not"...."are they going to like me or not!!!!" "oOPPS!

I forgot to do dusting in the sitting room"..."don't you think the sofas in the sitting room look old and out-of fashion?"..."what is with your plucking? you went for a very thin line this time,,its nOt suiting you" ..and list goes on and on and on....

Then came the moment of my first encounter...i was all blushed and confused, trembling a little stepped inside the sitting room after trying different poses of wearing dupatta on my head and after hours session with my sisters telling me what lipstick to try on which could make me look more young and fresh.

there were them! I went totally blind and bumped into the chair right in front of them! PHEW!!! that was so embarrassing! I could almost hear the lady whispering in the man's ear "Is she blind or what?"
DAMN THEM! I thought loudly in my heart..and before my mother could kill me with her grilling gaze ...I held myself back together and moved in their direction...

me:assalamo alaikum
Uncle: waalikum salama baita
Aunti: hmmm
me: *start looking at my shoes...'oh i need to change them, they are not going with my dress! how come i stop them from looking at my shoes!'*
Aunti: what do you do ?
me: i study
Aunti: when did you do your matric?
me:*confused and look at my mother for help*
my mother answers it for me,
Aunti: can i see your matriculation certificate?
me: * almost saying it loud..WHAT THE F**k!! are u serious you fat little thing?*
A lot happened back then but that's enough i guess...i don't want to bore you guys..yes! this is my first promise to myself before i started blogging that I will never bore people ! they are already bored to death ;p rite ?

khair and then it started..when i was a young girl and i had "a new born-baby and a new Bride" as my greatest weaknesses, I never thought it is thattttttttttttt difficult to be a bride! i mean Cm'n! this difficult ! that em now 28 and yet a failure in ma "mission Bride"..

youkhs it Sucks! yes a new born baby is still my greatest weakness but em not sure about Bride now..they kinda give me creeps now as they remind me all those hideous looking Aunties and Uncles and Sisters of my "possible husband to be"

dont believe me? hear this then...

Aunti: *quite dark in complexion,had those grilling eyes that could be used while investigating terrorism suspects*

Uncle:* a very mild looking man, his complete personality was a living proof of what he has been through all his life with that woman!*

Aunti: *after giving me those un-approving looks* "do you people know that my sons are very particular about complexion ..they always tell me that we cant even bear a our Masi dark-complexioned"

me: * right on the verge of saying that How do they bear you then the female version of Brian Lara?"*
and yet it ended too.

there came times when i thought of revenge! yes.!! you got me right! i even made plans of "how to change the customs" and bring boys instead of girls under the jaws of this Khota Parade.. I even started thinking to launch a Campaign against this on all the networking sites... facebook... tweeter... orkut etc etc

I gave myself immense pleasure by imagining all those boys,sons of all those aunties, bringing that famous tea trolley, blushed and trembling and doing that cat-walk in front of my parents and i even imagined the look on their parents...that look of helpless-ness and fear "what if they don't like our son! he is already 27!"

ha ha ha...the thought of this still amuses me...

but awwww all my planning went in vain....there is no way we could change this custom ..can we? do reply ... and this is not completed yet,

thankz to RAJA PARVEES. oh i mean Load-shading that i am unable to sit in this heat any more plus my laptop is dying too..i will come again with KHOTA PARADE part 2! after all its my 5 years experience blog cant really do justice to it..take cares and thanks for reading me girls catwalk