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Pakistani ‘Silver Fibre’ Called the Best Cotton in the World

The quality of Pakistani silver fibre is the best in the world. This was stated by Gen Herwig M Strolz, the director-general of the International Trade Manufacturers Federation (ITMF), Switzerland. Gen Strolz said the quality cotton products could not be produced without Pakistani cotton because its silver fibre was the strongest and longest in the [...]

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Karachi Art Fundraiser for Earthquake Attracts Crowds

Spectacular camaraderie for the cause of relief and rehabilitation of earthquake victims was witnessed at Nomad Gallery, which hosted the opening reception of a fundraiser exhibition featuring the works of five artists from Bangladesh and over 70 from Pakistan here Thursday. Local art-lovers and foreigners including representatives of foreign missions turned up in large numbers [...]

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Pakistanis Continue Extraordinary Philanthropy Spirit

Pakistan has one of the highest rates of philanthropy in the world, with studies showing that 58 percent of Pakistanis volunteer their time to needy causes, giving nearly $700 million a year in charity. Alms giving is built into the very social and economic fabric of the state, with some $70 million automatically deducted each [...]

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‘Uncle Pakistani’ Hopes to Bring Nations Closer Via Cricket

Jalil, known as “Chacha Pakistani” (Uncle Pakistani), has travelled around the world as the cheerleader of the team and is now paid by the Pakistan Cricket Board to rouse the supporters. Cricket remains Pakistan’s number one sport and the performances of the national team are passionately followed by the population of 150 million. Jalil made [...]

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Pakistan Girl Guides in Southeast Asia Adventure Camp

The girls are among 120 participants of the Sabah Borneo Adventure Camp 2005 (Nov 11-14), organised by GGAM, Sabah Branch at Outward Bound Sabah (OBS), Kinarut to mark its 80th anniversary. Seema, a student of the College of BM, said she and her counterparts are from Karachi and on their maiden trip to Malaysia.Others are [...]

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Backpacking Tourists Get High on Lahore’s Hospitality

The Japanese tourists need something flammable. ”Kerosene?” A French journalist drops by for a warm handshake and news about the road to Iran. Two girls, one Colombian, one South African, sit outside the cramped, do-it-yourself kitchen. On special nights, groups of ”qawwali,” or devotional, musicians take over the rooftop to clap and sing praises to [...]

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Pakistani Rock Star at American University Chapel

The Rev. Raushenbush was hooked, and, within five minutes of sending out an e-mail to Pakistani and Indian students on campus asking them if they’d heard of Salman Ahmad and would enjoy a performance, the Rev. Raushenbush had his answer: “The student response was like, ‘Have you heard of Bruce Springsteen?’” he said. When the [...]

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PIA Becomes Part of Aviation History with Boeing

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has created world commercial aviation history by flying newly-manufactured Boeing 777 LR (Long Range) — the first airline in the world to fly it from Hong Kong to Heathrow — the wrong way around the globe. Along with five Boeing pilots, Commander Asif Reza, senior vice president flight operations PIA, was [...]

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New Purpose-Built Karachi Arts Council Theatre Opens

Instead of any ribbon-cutting ceremony, the purpose-built theatre was declared open with the staging of veteran actor-director Kamal Ahmed Rizvi’s brilliant play “Aadhi Baat.” After this treat, the newly furnished theatre house will soon offer Anjum Niaz’s play “Paisa, Paisa, Paisa.” Designed by renowned architect and current president of Institute of Architect Pakistan, Aqeel Bilgrami, [...]

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Bapsi Sidhwa’s Anthology of Lahore Launched

Few cities in the world command as much love and admiration among its inhabitants, past and present, as Lahore does. A new anthology — ‘Beloved City: Writings on Lahore’ – edited by Bapsi Sidhwa, which was launched here on Wednesday evening, substantiate the above claim. Bapsi Sidhwa was present at the launching ceremony. The anthology [...]

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