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Broadband Over Powerlines in Islamabad

There remains a huge potential for Broadband expansion for Pakistan’s 160 million population. Recent growth in the mobile market has created an optimistic outlook for Pakistan’s communications industry. Mobile subscriber numbers have surged from less than 2 million at end-2002, to over 11 million by mid-2005. Trimax Corporation, through its wholly owned subsidiary, announced today [...]

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First Woman to Head State Bank of Pakistan

Shamshad Akhtar, an Asian Development Bank official, was named the first woman to run Pakistan’s central bank. Akhtar has an M.S. in economics from Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad, an M.A. in development economics from England’s University of Sussex and a Ph.D. in economics from Scotland’s Paisley College of Technology. She studied at Harvard University in [...]

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US Pakistani Lottery Winner Helps Earthquake Victims

For years, the slightly built Khan, who worked as a cabbie in Washington, D.C., had regularly played the lottery. He sometimes slept in his cab, but Khan never gave up hope. He kept a fortune cookie prediction that read, “Among winners, you are the chosen one.” He played numbers that came to him in a [...]

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Pakistani Golf Ace Who Didn’t Turn Pro

A legend back home in Pakistan, the 53-year-old has won his country’s National title an amazing 16 times. Sadly, the enormous talent was never put to good use. He never turned pro. He was not allowed to. His father resorted to emotional blackmail to keep his older son from seeking greener pastures on the greens [...]

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Lahore’s Sufi Traditions Revived in Arts Festival

This, in itself, is a cultural and even political event in Pakistan, a country where dance was officially banned for many years and the opposition coalition, the MMA, is dominated by extremist clerics who would like the same to happen to music. For Lahore, the 10-day festival was a huge, at times startling cultural event. [...]

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Karachi-Born Entrepreneur Buys Italian Fashion House

Born in Karachi, 42-year old Asim Abdullah made his fortune from hi-tech investments, notably the sale of his company Veo Systems, to Commerce One, the business-to-business internet marketplace. Last summer, the entrepreneur was spotted in Paris at Ungaro’s fashion show, the first clue that the Silicon valley millionaire was to become a fashion sugar daddy. [...]

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Found by Asim

Karachi Film Festival Starts with Films from 30 Countries

The festival runs until December 11 and will feature 150 films from 30 countries, including India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Iran, Canada, the United States, Germany, France, Britain, Poland, Italy, Chile and Brazil. Pooja Bhatt and Irfan Khan are among the actors, actresses, producers and directors who will take part, Zaidi said. The festival will see [...]

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Online Lecturing Project for Pakistan Universities

The new system would provide interactive and online lecturing services to all public sector universities.The first video conference among vice chancellors of various universities and the higher education commission was held here on Monday under a new project, ‘online lecturing and net-meeting’ initiated by the HEC. A large number of professors, scholars and researchers from [...]

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Cinema Reborns as Earthquake Relief Centre

The Melody Cinema had sat fallow for two years, ever since a mob of religious radicals set it on fire and reduced it to nothing more than a charred, trash-filled shell. Today, it has been reborn as the Melody Relief and Rehabilitation Center, and the occupants of its 53 beds are women with broken backs. [...]

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Karachi Pizza Woman Braves Working Environment

The 29-year-old is a customer coordinator at Pizza Hut, and is the only female in her branch which comprises forty. But the fact that she is a lone woman in such a large team has never been a hurdle in her professional life. However, there are times when men from more down-market areas like Jodia [...]

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