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No-Nation Theory: Smaller Provinces in Pakistan

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By Dr Muhammad Iqbal

Another self-important political ‘debate’ in Pakistan is being discussed within what’s little left of our intellectual circles (these are those who aren’t intellectually competent enough to have already fled in the brain-drain). Everyone is singing, completely ignoring the elephant in the room, and everyone is jumping on to the punditry of another existential banter.

I call it the new “No Nation Theory”. We have finally accepted that Pakistan can not actually function as one “Nation”.

Hurrah to the Mullah for finally teaching us that!

Everyone seems to have almost given up on one Nation that was supposed to be when India got carved out into pieces as a result of the partition.

“The Two Nation” theory has backfired within just 50 years of “Independence”, though independence from what, is no one’s business. May be we wanted independence just to be able to kill each other without any Hindoo / Shindoo / Bangalis / Bingos / Christian / Karantay / Sikhoo / Parsi / Angraiz sitting above us. We succeeded there admirably, I confess.

So we make no mistake: Pakistan now is an ethnic / sectarian / religious / feudal cesspool of conflicting ideologies at warpath with each other.

There are also well-fed idiots still living in lala-land amongst us, who continue to strongly “believe” that since it took such a long time for ‘great’ nations to become true nations, Pakistan is only going through some minor teething problems (and losing a little life/land here and there), and if all goes well, Pakistan will emerge as a great nation amongst other nations (in 900 years or something, apparently with just Islamabad remaining in one piece to ‘govern’ properly.)

  • Raghib

    A great read!!

    And the thing that no Effin’ one realizes, there are STILL areas that we DON’T even have the guts to manage: the FATA!! So long after independnce and and there is NO MAI KA LAAL bringing order to that god forsaken lawless region!!

    Before we engage in such experiments, why don’t we SET THE EXISTING COUNTRY together!

  • Nadz

    >>>> Hurrah to the Mullah for finally teaching us that! <<<<<<<<

    LMAO!! +1

  • Khanzada

    Ive always been a proponent of smaller provinces, more enfranchised minorities, more local govt etc. However, I feel that More Provinces issue is now becoming a joke and an eyewash. Pakistan is in a chaotic state of affairs. Our priorities should be containing taliban militancy and bigotry, lawlessness, ethnic tensions, terrorism which are the real threats to Pakistani existance in whole. We are becoming a laughingstock of the world and with these types of issues that should be entertaining only when we have a peaceful society. Rgds.

  • LadyDada

    The issue should be perceived as typical British minded Administrative issue, not political, ethnic or religious as you paint it out to be but who can blame someone for thinking that!! We don’t have self sufficient geography to support smaller provinces, just districts. I should know ;)

    The bureaucratic Afshar Shahi will ultimately be the sole beneficiary of this because everyone else will be fighting for the scarce bounty loot and Civil Service Afsar Shahi will “administer” and prosper.

  • Mylegacy

    As I am a Canadian – please feel free to ignore my only marginally informed opinion(s) on Pakistan.

    From where I sit, I see Pakistan as a failed state. Failed in fact by its creation. Pakistan was created by Muslims who would rather leave every thing they, and their families, had built over many generations to move to a religious state. Only a religious nutjob (insert some Pakistani local colloquialism for my Canadian colloquialism) would leave generations of friends, family, land, etc., to joyfully spend his life in a state based on religion.

    The followers of the so called god of the three Abraham religions would have you believe, from there three fairy tale books, that the creator of the universe is a self-confessed, multiple-occasion, mass-murdering maniac who expects you to want to spend eternity in his loving embrace. Really? Right?

    Trying to make sense of the vastness of the universe or the smallness of the quantum by looking through a 1,400 year old lens is a recipe for guaranteed failure.

    Religion – silly – barbaric – nonsense.