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Pakistan’s Minority Cleansing Campaign Continues

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By Dr Muhammad Iqbal

This time a Christian citizen (a Minorities Minister at that) Shahbaz Bhatti of our Islamic Republic of Pakistan is assassinated with religious fervour.

The bloodbath orgy continues with fervent believers having the best time of their lives! Hurrah for freedom, democracy and independence!

The usual condemnation pity party has begun. Whatever that is left of dwindling Liberals in Pakistan is again shrieking from their cozy drawing rooms in urban areas, before going back to their businesses and hi-tech jobs in snazzy offices carrying latest mobile phones.

That’s life in Pakistan! Don’t have the stomach for it? Leave you liberal cowards!

The overwhelming majority that is devout and religious, however, will shake their heads lightly, but secretly “understand” and even praise the Almighty for another infidel dead. They won’t condone the killing in order to appear just of course, but will happily kill too if they were in the killers’ place.

Who cares, that’s how things are. Pakistan is here to stay! Long live the Republic.

To the ‘silent majority’ of ‘deeply religious’ citizens, there’s only one viable solution if Pakistan is to continue as a “functioning democracy”: every member of the minority must go or begone.

It’s that simple.

The rest is just intellectual stimulation by people incapable of fleeing the madness and have no choice but to stay there and rather enjoy the party.

  • Ben

    Pakistan was created for the Muslims of the subcontinent who were a minority in India.

    Enough irony in that.

  • alishba

    i love pakistan