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This is what I was looking for…

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First of all being a student of Software Engineering and Human Computer Interaction, this website is just awesome. It is a best example of good design. This website is so simple, easy to use, and focused.

Secondly It depict the image of Pakistan positively. The dominated media is not very fair with Pakistan these days and just dont miss any oppurtunity to discredit Pakistan. Because Pakistan is an Islamic Republic with talent, ability and capacity to compete with the western world. Media has a greate role in creating positive or negative image of a nation. We need some more websites like this that can truely represent and reveal the unseen beauty of Pakistan and Islam.

Next week is the Islam Awareness Week in New Zealand, that will focus on different aspects of being a muslim and what Islam teaches the human beings. There will be mosque open days, everyone is invited to the mosque, Videos and Lectures will be held through out the country.

Shahzad – Saky