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Government should not ignore Multimedia field

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Definitely, Pakistan needs high quality professional for all fields. But, I observed HEC and government are ignoring one very important field of ICT – Multimedia. Multimedia industry has been become a billion dollar industry over the years. It includes videos, Movies, 3D animation, Visualization, Simulation, Graphics application, Games etc etc. Only gaming industry is generating million dollar business across the glob but, we don’t have even 0.1% share in this field!

Our neighbor India is generating million dollars by the Multimedia field. For instance, Cartoon Network, a 24 hours non stop channel for children’s, now broadcasting their cartoon in Urdu through the help of India and India is producing their own cartoons as well thereby generating million dollars. According to my knowledge, there is a full-fledged Animation factor is working. Currently, in Pakistan only one private Institute; Arena Multimedia is offering bachelor degree in Multimedia field with the collaboration of a foreign university. Definitely, it alone can’t fulfill the demands of Multimedia professional. Government can setup their own Multimedia University in Any big city (Karachi can be better choice) if government can’t establish a university at this time, at least can setup some Multimedia Center/Institutes in big cities. By this, we can produce hundreds of qualified people in this hot field.

Abdul Khalique