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Pakistan Women’s Cricket Begins to Flourish

Until two years ago, playing sport in public had been virtually unknown for women in Pakistan. Many feared the reaction of conservative Islamic groups. In April, a mixed marathon in Lahore faced opposition from hardliners, who clashed with police. But it was not until December 2004 the PCB finally recognised the women’s game, a decision [...]

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Pakistani Canadian Investor on Stock Strategies

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, the 62-year-old studied business at the University of London with the intention of heading back home, but as he puts it: “The world was not so small back then, and Pakistan wasn’t as developed. I felt that if I wanted to grow personally I needed to stay in the Western world.” [...]

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Multan Biker Rides Across Pakistan for Children’s Village

The 2000-km tour on a 200cc Suzuki motorcycle called ‘On the way for SOS’ began from SOS Village Karachi on December 2 and is scheduled to end in Peshawar on December 12. Tareen stopped at Haiderabad, Mohro, Sukkhur, Rahim Yar Khan, Bahawalpur, Multan and Sahiwal before reaching Lahore. Mukarram Khan Tareen, a 37-year-old artist and [...]

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First Woman to Head State Bank of Pakistan

Shamshad Akhtar, an Asian Development Bank official, was named the first woman to run Pakistan’s central bank. Akhtar has an M.S. in economics from Quaid-e-Azam University in Islamabad, an M.A. in development economics from England’s University of Sussex and a Ph.D. in economics from Scotland’s Paisley College of Technology. She studied at Harvard University in [...]

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US Pakistani Lottery Winner Helps Earthquake Victims

For years, the slightly built Khan, who worked as a cabbie in Washington, D.C., had regularly played the lottery. He sometimes slept in his cab, but Khan never gave up hope. He kept a fortune cookie prediction that read, “Among winners, you are the chosen one.” He played numbers that came to him in a [...]

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Also pointed by Imran

Pakistani Golf Ace Who Didn’t Turn Pro

A legend back home in Pakistan, the 53-year-old has won his country’s National title an amazing 16 times. Sadly, the enormous talent was never put to good use. He never turned pro. He was not allowed to. His father resorted to emotional blackmail to keep his older son from seeking greener pastures on the greens [...]

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Karachi Pizza Woman Braves Working Environment

The 29-year-old is a customer coordinator at Pizza Hut, and is the only female in her branch which comprises forty. But the fact that she is a lone woman in such a large team has never been a hurdle in her professional life. However, there are times when men from more down-market areas like Jodia [...]

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The Pakistani Man Who Will ‘Save the Internet’

That’s Masood Khan, Pakistan ambassador. Such is the level of respect and trust he has built up with all parties that at the first restart of the sub-committee this Sunday, every speaker without exception (and that includes countries as diverse as China, Iran, Brazil, Ghana, Argentina, the US and UK) went out of their way [...]

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Found by Wamiq

Pakistani, American Students in Live Videoconference Dialogue

The exchange student moderated a videoconference yesterday at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School connecting 11 students here to students in Karachi, Pakistan; Washington, D.C.; and Maize, Kan. The four-way conference lasted two hours and included questions on premarital sex (is it prevalent in Pakistan?), what students do for fun, how to cure homesickness if you [...]

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Pakistanis Continue Extraordinary Philanthropy Spirit

Pakistan has one of the highest rates of philanthropy in the world, with studies showing that 58 percent of Pakistanis volunteer their time to needy causes, giving nearly $700 million a year in charity. Alms giving is built into the very social and economic fabric of the state, with some $70 million automatically deducted each [...]

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