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Pakistan’s First All-Women Pilots Flight

Flight PK-623 created a unique aviation record for the national air carrier as both the pilot and co-pilot were women. In the past, flights have either had a male pilot or co-pilot. The passengers aboard the plane did not know about all-female crew flight until it had made a landing. It was a surprise for [...]

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Found by Tabraiz, also pointed by Huma

Lahore’s Humble Superhero for Bomb Disposal

This technician is the BDS’ only regular employee for two 12 hours shifts, to respond to all Lahore’s calls. One Bomb Disposal Squad (BDS) technician responds to up to 35 bomb threats every month, including hoaxes, and deactivates bombs to save 7.5 million lives in the 1772 square kilometre area of Lahore, and only has [...]

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More British Pakistanis Visiting Pakistan for Plastic Surgery

Hundreds of Pakistani Britons are booking cheap plastic surgery in their ancestral homeland, three times the number just four years ago. Nose jobs, tummy tucks, liposuction and breast enlargements are the favoured treatments for many who feel “pressure to have Western features” but who want to pay only a fraction of what they would be [...]

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Karachi Matchmakers Reveal Changing Marriage Trends

Engineer Anwar, who runs a part-time marriage bureau and has to his credit the solemnization of 136 successful marriages, believes that lack of socialisation is one of the main reasons why families seek the help of matchmakers. Hundreds of couples get married every year but even then finding Mr/Mrs Right continues to remain an issue [...]

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Kashmir Women Break Barriers to Get Jobs

Noreen is one of countless women in northern Pakistan whose lives were turned upside down by the Oct. 8 earthquake that killed more than 73,000 people and left 3 million homeless. Noor Ulain said she had always wanted to find a job when she finished studying, but her father had never agreed. But after the [...]

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Pakistani Student Wins Paris Fashion Award

Fashion designers studying at various fashion institutes around the world participate in the competition each year. The 23rd such competition was held in Paris and Louvre on December 15 last year. A promising Pakistani fashion designer, Hassan Ashraf Butt studying at the Pakistan School of Fashion Design (PSFD), won the ‘Country Prize’ at a fashion [...]

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Pakistani Rock Star Inspires Across Faiths

His group was banned from performing in Pakistan from 1996 to 1999 after referring to government corruption in a song and protesting Pakistan’s and India’s nuclear testing. One of Salman Ahmad’s earliest gigs was a talent show at King Edward Medical College in Lahore, Pakistan, where he was studying to be a doctor. Moments after [...]

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Karachi’s Lone Sitar Maker Fears Craft’s End

Karachi, Pakistan’s commercial capital, has only one sitar maker, and he is afraid that after his death, there will be no one to carry on the legacy. Zafar says that sitar making has become such a rarity that it alone cannot help him sustain and in the day he has to work as an assistant [...]

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A US Pakistani Videographer’s Earthquake Documentary

A videographer who runs a part-time media-production business, Aziz had come to document the experience. During a side trip to Balakot and other cities, he expected to see some fallen and cracked buildings. With its kabob stands, travel agencies, bookstores and restaurants, Balakot was a popular stop for vacationers and hikers en route to the [...]

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Found by Khurram

Ancient Pakistan Mountain Community Celebrates Winter Festival

The Kalash will spend the next three months in virtual hibernation due to the harsh winter in the valleys. The festival is used as an opportunity to welcome the tough season. The traditional winter festival opened on Monday in the three Kalash valleys of Bumburate, Birir and Rumboor in the south of Chitral district. The [...]

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