Pakistan Working Women Make Their Marks

via www.ndtvprofit.com

Pakistan has often hit the headlines for gross gender violations like honour killings and gang rapes. But that is not the entire picture. NDTV met some women who are breaking the glass ceiling, pushing boundaries in the corporate sector in Pakistan. Musharraf Hai has been heading the multinational, Unilever Pakistan for more than four years now. Bold, forthright, no nonsense, she says she was never aware of a glass ceiling. More than a third of the marketing department are women and more revolutionary is the fact that more than 70 per cent of its factory floor workers are women. Sultana Siddiqui in contrast is soft spoken and cautious in her approach, knowing she’s operating in a predominantly conservative society. She has been working in the television industry for 32 years, starting at a time when very few women were seen in the media.