120 Couples Tie the Knot in Lahore Mass Wedding

via www.dailytimes.com.pk

Out of the 120 couples, 114 were Muslim while six were Christian. Before, the nikah ceremony of the Muslim couples, Dr Mahmoodul Hassan Arif gave a khutba, highlighting the importance of marriages in Islam. The expense for the ceremony was borne by Sheikh Abid Hussain, Abdul Rahim Khan; Farrukh Nawaz Chughtai and Governor Khalid Maqbool. Provincial ministers Naseem Lodhi and Qudsia Lodhi, and the Lahore nazim gave gifts to the couples. Each bride was given a cash gift (salami) of Rs 10,000, jewellery worth Rs 15,000 and a dowry that cost Rs 40,000. These had been arranged through money that had been donated.