Sirsukh – third ancient city of Taxila

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The remains of the ancient city of Gandhara civilization, Sirsukh, which have also been included in the World Heritage List for their unique archeological value , deserve protection so that the future generations can also marvel at this rich heritage of the country.

When the Kushan invaders decided to abandon the city of Sirkap (the second city of Taxila) and built a new one in its place, they selected a new site known as Sirsukh. The Great Kushans, after succeeding the Parthians, laid the foundation of the third city site in a lush green valley in 80 A.D. about 1.5km north east of Sirkap.

What reasons the Kushans had for abandoning the existing city can only be surmised. But the more potent reason may have been that shortly before the Kushans arrival, the Sirkap city had been hit…