Scissors in Lahore Woman’s Lungs Baffle Doctors

via www.khaleejtimes.com

Doctors have found two pairs of scissors and a piece of paper in the lungs of a woman who claims she never underwent any surgery in her life. For the last 11 years, Sharifaan Bibi had been feeling as if something was eating into her lungs. She got treatment from several doctors but all went in vain.

Finally, her son took her to the Combined Military Hospital, Chunian, where doctors had her X-rayed. The X-ray showed two pairs of scissors and a piece of paper into her lungs. They got confused when the patient told them she had never undergone surgery in her life. In utter disbelief, the doctors got her X-rayed twice, but to their amazement the results remained the same. They told the woman that the mystery was beyond their comprehension…