300 More Buses for Karachi Likely

via www.dawn.com

Over 300 new large-size buses would be Inducted in the city in the next three to six months by the Karachi Public Transport Society. According to officials, agreements have been signed with five companies and they have placed orders with assembling units for new buses. The new companies, which would bring in buses, are Geo Madina Transport Company, Tez Raftar Company, New Karwan Transport, Gul Transport and Sindh Road Transport Company. These buses would run on different routes of the defunct KTC in various parts of city. Routes would be allocated to the new companies later.

Incentive would be given to new companies on duty. Presently the number of buses and radio cab taxis, running under the KPTS stands at 400. The number of buses operating under the Urban Transport Scheme is over 200 and it would rise to over 500 in the next few months when more buses are planned to be inducted in its fleet…