Travelling Art Exhibition Comes to Karachi

via jang.com.pk

The travelling art exhibition titled ‘Pakistan and India: Changing Mindsets’ has come to Karachi and will open at the VM Art gallery, Rangoonwala Community Centre from today. This exhibition is being organised by the Youth Initiative for Peace (YIP) who are conducting a series of such travelling exhibitions. The aims of the art show are: to encourage the development of art as a medium of expression for the youth in the two countries, and to promote ideas of tolerance, broad-mindedness and the willingness to be open to change for a better future, without prejudice and hatred.

Students from schools, art colleges and institutes of all kinds as well as professional artists have been invited to participate. Special needy children are also part of this initiative. ASTHA and The Spastics Society of Northern India have confirmed their entries, and artists from KHOJ Art Delhi as well as the All India Women’s Conference are participating. Apart from students of several Pakistani schools and art institutions (Indus Valley School, Karachi School of Arts, Hunarkada Institute Islamabad, North City School of Art, NCA…