Uzbek Dancers Enthrall Lahore at Arts Festival

via www.dailytimes.com.pk

Alhamra Cultural Complex looked surreal amidst decorative lights, as performances varying from enthralling Uzbek dances to hilarious slapstick performances by the Wall Street Theatre, Indian theatre and Ajoka’s theatre heightened activity at the Rafi Peer World Performing Arts Festival on Monday night.

The Uzbek camp in particular was jam-packed with spectators who were completely enthralled by the dance performances. The Uzbek dance titled ‘Sonata’ was the most attractive feature of the festival. The performers, clad in stunning vibrant dresses, had the crowds up on their feet as they executed impressive dance sequences. The audience enthusiastically cheered the dance titled ‘Africa’ and was full of praise for the young performers. The other dance themes ‘Youth of Uzbekistan’, ‘Temple of love’, and ‘ Slow Waltz’ were unique in style and received the same praise from the audience as ‘Africa’ had received…