Rare Antiquities Discovered at Taxila

via www.dailytimes.com.pk

The archaeology department’s preservation and restoration team has discovered eight antiquities consisting fragments including the sculpture of future Buddha, god Indra and his bodyguard dating back to the first century AD.

The antiquities had been discovered during the preservation work at the ancient and world famous archaeological site of the Gandhara civilisation locally known as the Dharmarajika Stupa and monastery which dates back to 3rd century BC to 5th Century AD situated about 3.5 kilometers north east of the Taxila Museum.

The department officials had confirmed that these antiquities include landmark, precious and rare discovery of a statue depicting ‘the reappearance of Buddha’. According to the Buddhist mythology, Buddha would reappear before the end of the universe and the newly discovered fragment depicts the scene. According to Buddhist belief another Buddha, Maitreya – the future Buddha, will come to earth at a specific time by leaving Tushita heaven to establish the lost truths in their purity…