Solar water heating in Pakistani textile industry likely

via www.bharattextile.com

Pakistan is an energy-deficient country and is a net importer of energy since the local fossil fuel reserves can meet only a small fraction of its needs.

Pakistan however has been blessed with the more beneficial and sustainable alternative in the form of renewable energy resources. Renewable energy is the form of energy that is derived from natural resources such as sun, wind, water, biomass and waves. These forms of energy get the name renewable since they renew themselves instantly or within a very short period of time and there is no threat of depletion of their reserves. Renewable energy is gaining huge interest world wide, especially amongst the developed countries.

Pakistan has vast potential for renewable energy development; all of the four provinces i.e. NWFP, Balochistan, Sindh and Punjab have abundant sunshine since Pakistan is ideally located in the sunny belt to take advantage of solar energy technologies…