From pickles to dishes, Karachi’s Hyderabadi Food Street has it all

via www.dailytimes.com.pk

His business interests swing from jewellery to cuisine. Hands which once used to design Hyderabadi necklaces are now expert at prickle recipes.

Twenty-nine-year-old Waqar Ahmed’s food business in Karachi’s Hyderabad Colony is a success story. ‘I started business in 1996,’ said Mr Ahmed, who runs Deccan Zaiqa House, one of 12 shops in the small Hyderabad Colony. ‘Before this I was involved in the jewellery trade but eight years ago my family decided to expand business and opened Hyderabadi food outlet here with the investment of about Rs 10,000.’

Mr Ahmed says he decided to switch from jewellery designs to culinary delights, and after eight years after the change he is one of the more successful retailers in Hyderabad Colony’s food street…