Reviving the romance of The Mall in Lahore

via www.nation.com.pk

The Mall and what it meant to the city and it, successive generations. My most abiding memories of the historic city, as a tiny toddler, apart from its monuments, its typical way of life, has been the grandeur of The Mall. That The Mall left a lasting impression on my mind with its cleanliness, disciplined traffic on the broad tree-lined avenue and impressive buildings and mansions on both sides. There was an orderliness and symmetry inter-woven into the construction and especially in what were commercial mansions along with landmark buildings like Town Hall, Lahore Museum, Punjab University, GPO, High Court, the Cathedral, the Nedoes Hotel, Lawrence Garden with its imposing Montgomery Hall and the Governor House, the Punjab Club, and Aitchison College on the fag end of the avenue towards what was once a distant cantonment area…