Pakistan’s First Wireless Broadband Service in Karachi

via www.marketwire.com

NetSol Technologies, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTWK), a developer of proprietary software applications and provider of information technology services, today announced that its majority-owned subsidiary, NetSol-Akhter, has substantially completed the roll out of it wireless broadband infrastructure in Karachi, Pakistan.

The company plans to offer wireless broadband services for domestic and corporate customers at speeds up to 512KB per second for 1GB of data beginning at Rs. 500 (approximately $8.60 U.S.) per month with a maximum speed of up to 2MBs per second costing Rs. 20,000 (approximately $344.25 U. S.) per month for 32GBs of data. The wireless broadband sector in Pakistan is estimated at over $100 million…