Pakistan-India Business School Exchange Programme Likely

via cities.expressindia.com

Two major Pakistani management institutes are already in touch with IIM-Lucknow in this connection. In fact, the director general of the National University of Science and Technology (NUST), a premier management institute in Rawalpindi, has expressed his desire to visit IIM-Lucknow. Efforts in this direction were initiated during the meetings of the Association of Management Developent Schools in South Asia. At the last couple of meetings in Maldives and Lahore, management professors from both sides of the border mooted the proposal. Such exchange programes already exist with the US and the European Union. In ’03-’04, 33 students from IIM-Lucknow visited different universities and institutions in Canada, Norway, Spain, France, Denmark and other countries under such exchange programmes. Similarly, 27 students from universities and institutes outside India visited IIM-Lucknow the same year.