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The Posigator has graduated
to become Pakistani Bloggers

Care for a little history? Read on!

Congratulations! You're on the page that hosted
the very first blog aggregator and blogging
network of Pakistan
: The PakPosigator, now
simply known as Pakistani Bloggers.

We have always been a selectively
membership-oriented, registration-based
and quality-driven blogging community, unlike
what's known as an all-inclusive aggregator.

Almost all high quality and popular
Pakistani bloggers of today have at one
time been approved members of our network and have launched their blogs and created loyal readerships.

Over the years, some of those could not maintain our criteria and chose to lose our membership, while some left blogging altogether. However, a few have successfully managed to retain membership since the beginning, enjoying the privilege of being listed and celebrated as distinguished members of this most prestigious club of Pakistani bloggers -- receiving regular high quality traffic, recognition, awards and international media attention.

A walk down the memory lane...

Pakistani Bloggers started on in early September, 2004, as a membership webring for Pakistani bloggers to be part of a blog network, called Pakistani Bloggers. Check it out on the Wayback Machine!


By 1st February 2005, PakPosigator had started to syndicate and aggregate Pakistani blogging on a regular basis. Those were the days... we still miss some of those early bloggers!

Check it out on the WayBack Machine for some nostalgia!


The Pakistani Bloggers Webring continued for a while, and in time it too gave way to what is now known simply as Pakistani Bloggers, which was initially hosted on Blogger, just like PakPositive, then moved to its present location with a new blogging format, aggregating tools, syndicating methods and spanking new design, layout and everything, including a feature allowing guest bloggers to write guest posts (see below) and front page featuring What Pakistani Bloggers are Saying Today.


As a courtesy to all bloggers listed on the webring at that time, their blog details were imported by our intrepid droid called PakBlogBot to the new Pakistani Bloggers format. In a way, those early listed bloggers were the pioneering blogs at Pakistani Bloggers. Some of those veteran top bloggers still support Pakistani Bloggers by sticking our badge on their blogs, thus continue to be listed in our blog list — enjoying regular high quality traffic to their blogs.

See What Pakistani Bloggers are Saying Today

Pak Blogging at its best!

Of course, here's a sample of what's in store for you at Pakistani Bloggers. What our blogosphere is buzzing about today:

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