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Paragliding over Islamabad


Paragliding over Islamabad
Picture Credit: ABM Faisal
  • Usama

    “AoA, visit the following link to get info.

  • Aftab

    hi there…nice pic…can u tell me from where can i do paragliding…i m really intrested to do it…thnx in advance

  • Anonymous

    nice pictures

    keep it up

  • Usama

    “ABM is a great guy, and i feel proud to shoot this picture while he is gliding.”

  • junaid

    i m really intrxted 2 d0 it
    an u hlp me?

  • yasir

    i have also made a paraglider of nylon very very cheep and powerful if u like to contact me (03476236159) its my hooby and i like to spreed my knowlege all over the world . thank

  • yasir

    i have made it after 3 years theoratical knowlege gaining
    .and thus ,before 3 months ago i have made it ..its length is 21 (ft) and weidth is 6(ft) .and ihave make a flying of small children 25 kg at 10 ft height ..its very very amazing ..