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Young Gunz Caught Napping Pakistan is in a state of disarray.the masses are horrified by the state of affairs going out of hand of everyone.yes there is peace and calm in big cities ,but the people of villages and small towns can forecast the weather better.

We should get ready to reap the crop of criminal mishandling of religion, because we didn't do any work whatsoever in the field of religion.all we know about religion is a complete code of life,do we ever bother to unfold its mysteries?.

I think we have left it all to the westerners to research and get benefited.

Remember my dear young ones life is so simple and wisdom is just common sense.big words, big ideas and big thinking start from instincts and let me say we the young guns of Pakistan have been found napping in every field,especially the art of controlling the affairs.the older generation has failed to make things right.

It's you the new hawks to not only survive but to get things to the limits. army officers