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Why the world hates us so much? I visited this forum on net and all people were bashing us Pakistanis?

And its common on usual forums I come across.

I want to ask Pakistanis who live in countries dominated by whites, do they call us so bad there actually?

If so then how can U people live there? hatred
22 Feb 2008 | 532 Muhammad Khan Says:   
Wake up dear and think why we are hated so much. Although we cooperate with all yet everyone is bashing us. One reason can think of is that our representatives are gutless and cannot speak out. They are used to making huge baseless speeches and false promises to the masses but when it comes to real question time from the international observers or other diplomats they get tongue tied and are speechless. To show that they are in control they are willing to chew away at anyone below them and care less for principles. take the case of our Constitutional Expert Mr.Sharrifudin Pirzada, when asked by BBC correspondent if he had any principles of his own (meaning if he stood for something or sold out to anyone), he said that his services are there for anyone, but did not have any personal principles. So when our experts can be bought for the right price and are traded like lotas where is the dignity, as others also view this as being a person of no dignity.

I remember when a n American Senator had openly disclosed that pakistanis will even sell their mothers if they had too but later apologised when there was a hue and cry by the politicians as this was meant to be discreet and not said in the open. Try to think what prompted this Senator to make such a remark he knew something hence the remark.

When we meet a foreigner rather than speaking highly about our country we start telling them how we can cheat and pay bribes to get the work done and even offer or services to do the same. So dont be sad that we are being bashed by all for the circumstances have been created by our highly educated class.
23 Feb 2008 | 534 scheherzade says: Location: Hyderabad  Posts: 17
Muhammad Khan
what you think may be true but when BBC has to ask anything why they have to ask from sellouts like shariffuddin pirzada,he is hated all over Pakistan.
All countries have creatures like him.
Here is what all Pakistan thinks about him
He has been notorious for his association with every single military dictator of Pakistan, be it Ayub Khan or Yahya Khan, the islamist Zia-ul-Haq or the current Pervez Musharraf. He has always found them ways and means by which they could prolong their tenures and give it a 'constitutional' and legal turn.
You cannot say its the only reason!Since these things can be picked up in any country.
Just give me a more rational reason
10 Mar 2008 | 555 Haider Ali Says:   
The thing is not that people all around the world hate us. It seems that we hate everyone around the world. We have so much anger, rage, temper , you name it and above all 'No Tolerance'.

Even if you set aside the religion, the normal social laws tell us to listen to everyone and then express own views in some respectable way. Forget about the politics and politicians all over the world. They are corrupt in some respect, fraudulent and deceptive. Media is bias because human beings run the media and they have their motives. They can make anyone Hero or Zero. What the West says about us is not only the West or the 'Goras'. Its not only their opinion. We the Pakistanis sitting outside have the same opinions about the general behavioural attitude of our countrymen. Tell me the truth, if you get an opportunity to more abroad and live in a peaceful clean enviornment with some good system, Won't you prefer that. It is human 'Instinct' to go for the best.

Do not see the West with bias or prejudice. Make a reasonable comparison and then see which one is better. With all the follies, these people (West) still win over us.

If you want to be respected, respect others. If you want to be cherished, show that behaviour. I am not talking about everyone, but even those 'BAD' when they come outside they are supposed to and they do live as human beings in these countries otherwise they would be behind bars so here we are also good citizens.

I was a good, honest citizen back there in Pakistan and I live the same way here so no problem for me. Black sheeps are everywhere so when the are caught, they are dealt in similar ways.

You know why the 'West' is make cartoons of our prophet or ridiculing our religion. We should be ashamed and sorry and pray for forgiveness from our prophet because we have potrayed ourselves as such.
25 Mar 2008 | 564 scheherzade says: Location: Hyderabad  Posts: 17
Thanx 4 ur reply
Hmmmmmmmmmmm.u know ur experiance is good so as my relatives who live there.
People like u who call our country BAD for some reason?!!!<>.#@~$%^&*.I feel if i could go to any country say USA i'll acquire good education and training there and i'l come back here ad do something for my country rather than sitting outside and calling our countrymen bad,
When good people dont come back we are left for politicians!
16 Aug 2008 | 649 scheherzade says: Location: Hyderabad  Posts: 17
hello people plz mention if u ever recieved a racist comment.......................................
02 Nov 2008 | 708 sanjith menon says: Location: chennai  Posts: 4
i was in kashmir a year back, and, i was just listening to
the fm station across the border from pakistan! man it was
so uncool and shrill, there was a man who was giving a sermon
about the need for jihad in kashmir? he was saying all hindus
are bad, he used insulting words about our religion.... and was
calling on kashmiris to avenge india etc..
well i have never been to pakistan, but standing there , hearing that
fm chanell, the perception i got was " man im afraid to even keep a step into pakistan"
why are you guys so angry? life is meant to have fun , to enjoy, to make some decent money, raise beautiful children, ......but why are you guys so bent upon talking about jehad etc! some guys discuss religion like nobodys busineess, seems like he has just met god before talking to me!

as far as we in india are concerened, just leave us alone, thats all that we expect from pakistan.
17 Nov 2008 | 722 scheherzade says: Location: Hyderabad  Posts: 17
o man you are taking us the same way as that kashmiri man was taking you guys.we are not all like that
And what else do you think he would say india has been killing those people for more than half a centuary still you want them to have fun,they hate them asnd i knoe it because i have kashmiri friend,beacuse they are deprived of alll you talk about ,of all those lovely things!and beacuse of the country in which you live so don't blame them for that.Its natural.
29 Dec 2008 | 768 indianatheart says: Location: India  Posts: 2
Dear Sir. You want to know why the world hates you. Please look within yourself. I mean your rulers and your army. Your rulers, your army and ISI is responsible for 50% of the terror activities around the world. Time is not far away when there would be economic and political sanctions against your country and Pakistan will be isolated. I am sure before this happens, good people of Pakistan would get an opportunity to rule and dismantle the terror networks operating from its soil as also its support system. Pakistani establishment needs a rethink about its priorities. The priority should be its people and their betterment, economic progress, health, education, etc. If this can be achieved by waging a war against India, they should go for it. War only creates more trouble and more economic problems, and if your country seeks that, so be it. You have lost 4 wars with India in 1947, 1965, 1971 and 1999 [Kargil] and we won't mind winning just another. But we know the cost and consequences of a war, which will undo the economic progress of the past 2 decades and will need years to claw back to that level of prosperity and achievement.
SO IF YOU WANT TO KNOW REASONS WHY THE WORLD HATES YOU, YOU HAVE TO LOOK FOR REASONS WITHIN YOUR COUNTRY. Nobody has time in the world to hate you for nothing. The reasons and the actions for this hatred emanate from your rulers, your army, your establishment and perhaps your society.
29 Dec 2008 | 769 indianatheart says: Location: India  Posts: 2
Well Kashmir has voted for democracy and has voted to be with India. If Kashmiris didn't want to be with India 65% of them would not have voted. Pakistan establishment would have died 100 deaths on seeing Kashmiris vote in such a way. Separatists and pro-separatist parties like PDP have been defeated. Long live Indian democracy, long live Kashmiri people who have shown faith in India and it's democratic process rather than getting carried away by Pakistani propoganda and evil designs of the separatists riding piggyback on Pakistani money and support.
01 Jan 2009 | 776 The Indian says:   Posts: 1
I fail to understand why pakistanis are so angry and for what reason. Being an Indian and then a Muslim I can say for sure most Indians are happy and patriotic to our country. All we ask is leave us alone.

I am happy that Indian Muslims are distinctly very different from pakistani muslims.
The way I see it it appears that pakistan has a significant identity problem. Since Independence it has failed in identifying whether it is a true democracy with secular values. A minority educated people in their cities seem to believe in this. The rest rural uneducated dont know anything about democracy. Hence Theocracy has thrived. Look at the way they treat the christians and other minority communities in pakistan, abysmal to say the least.

A country's broadness and maturity is defined by how it treats its minorities. Just look at African American who has become president. Even though India might have problems with minority issues but they are far and few between and changing towards the right direction. All the pakistani opinion is based on religion. The sooner pakistan separates religion from governance it can start to make real progress. Until then it will continue to be doomed.

There were also some fundamental mistakes made by the early governors of pakistan. They appear to have sold their soul to foreigners thinking that will make them stronger. The current and future situation is a reflection of this sell out. India never really did that and we are proud of that.

As far as kashmir is concerned, Kashmiri people of India are living in cuckoo land if they believe that they can exist independently. My suggestion to them would be grow up and think of this. Do you want economic development thru better growth and quality of life or being occupied by a theocratic state.

India should never give up Kashmir. And kashmiri people should never give up on India. Kashmir does not have much natural resources to exist in a land locked situation living bordered by big economies like India and China. Just look at Nepal which is in such a dire state.

So I dont know why you are angry and with what? Leave us alone. We are going to guard our borders with vigour and tenacity to protect our way of life.

03 Feb 2009 | 797 Umer A. says: Location: Michigan, USA  Posts: 2
"Whites" don't dislike Pakistan. People dislike all those people who are in competition. Many Americans are worried about India and China. So why they dislike Pakistan? the first responce said it clearly that it is because of our politicians in the gov. They don't have guts to speak up and are hypocrites.

Pakistani system has kept the good and sincere people away from the high positions and the people of Pakistan knows this, yet they don't want to change anything. They just want to watch TV and criticize.

While Pakistan is facing threat from militants in the North we, have no concern what so ever. This threat is what bothers people in the west.

Now what ever they did is a separate story. But Pakistan has ignored its issues and has failed to address it and solve. The people of Pakistan on the other hand chant democracy and democracy yet, most of the chanters don't even have a clue of democracy and protest from the platform of facist and dictorial political parties.

No unless we are bold enough to step up and actually solve our problems, "whites" won't stop hating us.
03 Feb 2009 | 798 Umer A. says: Location: Michigan, USA  Posts: 2

I am glad that you Muslims are patriotic and like your country in India. There is nothing special about it though, because your religion also teaches you to be faithful to your community.

However, talking about minority treatment, I think you know how India treats her own minorities Muslims Chrisitians Sikhs and Untouchables compared to Pakistan. How many incidents of Gujrat happen in Pakistan!!!
How many chrisitan communities and churches were burned alive!!!!

Its astonishing how you being an Indian MUSLIM say that we should take religion out. Pakistan was created in the name of Islam. So considering this fact, as long as Pakistan lives, it represents Islam, no matter how unIslamic our government be.

As far as Kashmir is concerned, it is sad to read that you do not care about the massacres that your Indian forces commit. Check youtube and see that Kashmiris don't want Indian Security forces to give them security. They want their governemnt not Indian colonization. Moreover, I don't know where Indian government was when Massive earthquake hit J&K.

Our Pakistani armed forces went to Azad as well as Indian Held Kashmir (of course by Indian gov approval) into the isolated villages. Too bad that we were able to reach very late over there because Indians didn't want to send help.

You see, you can't defend Kashmir on the lies of Nehru, Kashmri was, Kashmir is and Kashmir will be Inshallah with Pakistan, as long as Pakistan is alive. We can't forget the lies of Nehru, sorry we just can't.

As far as Obama is concerned, you should know the history of US and the prevailing racism in American society. Just because US got a "black" president doesn't mean US is a role model in treating minorities.
Probably you didn't followed his campaign, in which how Muslims were humiliated and dehumanized openly.

Brother, love India, but love the things that are things to be loved, don't just support you country for the evils.

As Brother Malcolm X Shabazz once said You're not to be so blind with patriotism that you can't face reality. Wrong is wrong, no matter who does it or says it.

Lastly, we have left India for all these years, but India always interrupts and accuses Pakistan of non sensible things. So please if you can leave us alone it would be a huge favor. But we are capable to defend Islamic Republic too, so God forbit the time comes, we would depend our borders with all we got.

04 Feb 2009 | 801 scheherzade says: Location: Hyderabad  Posts: 17
Dear Indian Brother,
I asked this question purely for Pakistan,well I don't think the forms I visited said anything about ISI or our government..They just hate anybody except whites inhabiting their country!
Secondly who says they don't hate you and other people living in the west infact the threads against you people far exceed those against us but I have no concern with them so I didnt ask why they hate indians?
They even call you guys sorry to say ugly but never call us ugly!
But the fact is you guys never acknowledge anything that might go against you and always support you country whether its wrong.
Now you have not once proved ISI did anyhting terrorist but you army person was involved in "samjhota balst" so basically its your army that has terrorist wing and RAW responsible for terrorist activities in our country and against msulims in your country rst has been said by brother umar.
I wait for your reply.